The Land of Shadows: Komplettlösung Fable

The platform will take you back up to The Stairs of Mists. The platform will descend again if you use the broom handle behind the rightmost vase. However, this doesn't do you much good, so ignore the platform and walk into the small tunnel entrance on the far left-hand side of the cave. Welcome to the only maze in the game. The maze is completely regular and very easy to map. To save you the effort there are only two interesting locations in the maze. To get to Ismael from the first room in the maze take the following route: up, right, up, right, up. This walkthru ignores Ismael, but you now know where he is if you would like to visit him.

To get to the Gorgon inside The Engulfed Fortress take the following route from the first room in the maze: left, left, up, right, take the crowbar lying on the floor on the cave, left, down, down, left, up. Use the crowbar on the door and walk through the open door. To kill the Gorgon use Khor's spear on the cosmic window below the Gorgon. Take the sapphire from the alcove on the left. Use the control switch, located on the far right panel. This controls the direction of the platform in the large cave. Walk left through the tunnel port, then, once back in the maze follow this route to exit: down, right, right, up, right, right. You are now back at the platform.

The Land of Shadows

Use the control box in front of the platform and you will descend on the platform. When the platform gets stuck use the wool blanket and you will float to the bottom of the shaft. Talk to the gates and answer, 'The Boogie Man'. Walk through the gates and you will be captured by the guards and thrown in a cell. Take the spoon from the table and the cup from in front of the table. Look at the floor ramp below the window and use the spoon on the loose stone. Talk to the prisoner and he will wake up. When he is awake say, 'My name's Quickthorpe. I've come to free you'. When the prisoner dies examine him and take the key.

Use the tunnel to return to your cell. Look at the door and use the key with the lock. The key is the larger of the two you have. Walk out of the cell. Talk to Bill, the left-hand skeleton. Say, 'Could I have one of your official ID cards?'. You will get an ID card. Finish the conversation and walk out of the scene to the left. Use Khor's spear and you will vault over the gap in the bridge. Walk to the top of the ledge on the left-hand side of the cave. Use the cup with the river Stynx to get a cup full of lava. Give the ID card to the Grim Reaper, then use the Hell Rail to cross the Stynx. Walk into the cave entrance on the left. Say, 'Just a routine inspection. I'll be on my way' to The Fire Demon. Then use the cup with The Fire Demon to kill him.

Take the final gem, a ruby, from the pedestal on the far right of the scene. Now, use the empty catacomb that is immediately to the left of where the ruby was standing. You will crawl through a tunnel and back out into the platform dock again.

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Fable (1996)
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