The End Game: Komplettlösung Fable

The End Game

Use the control switch on the panel on the far right of the scene to call the platform down. Now walk onto the platform to ascend. Walk into the tunnel entrance on the far left side of the cave to enter the maze again. Once in the maze follow these directions to get back to The Engulfed Fortress: left, down, left, left, up, up. If you haven't done so, use all four gems with the Mecubarz's key to complete it. Then use the key on the security port to open it. Walk through the security port. Use the button on the middle chair, it is on the left-hand arm of the chair, then sit in the middle chair. End of game.

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Fable (1996)
8 Spiele, deren Kauf ihr total bereut

8 Spiele, deren Kauf ihr total bereut

Wir haben euch gefragt, ob es in den letzten fünf Jahren irgendein Spiel gegeben hat, dessen Kauf ihr total bereut. (...) mehr

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