The chest: Komplettlösung Elvira - Mistress of the Dark

3. You will need to practice your crossbow skill with the wooden target some where in the garden, just opposite the locked door. Practice a few time until you have master it. Now go to the falconer, when he release the falcon, use the crossbow to kill the falcon. There is a gold key on the dead falcon.


4. Fight you way in the jail until you reach the torturer chamber. You should see a fireplace with a pair of tongs. Click on the iron ring on the floor and drag it to your inventory. This will reveal a skeleton and a gold key. Bring the skeleton to the catacomb to one of the empty coffin and let it rest in peace.


5. Kill the captain in the guardroom. Get the notice. There is a gold key behind it.


6. Go to the knight which cannot be killed in close fight. When he is approaching, use the crossbow. He will fall down the castle. You will need to find his body in order to get the gold key. His body lies beyond the gate under the well. You will need a iron key to open it. The key is guarded by the weretiger at the catacombs. You will need the crusader's sword to kill it. Before you get the sword, you will need to find Elvira's ring. The ring is in the monster's lair in the garden maze. Fight you way in until you reach the cave. Cast a few spell into the cave to kill all the monsters that are hiding inside.

Go in and get the ring. Go to the church. Go infront and click at the cross. Now drag the ring to the hollow in the cross. A passage will be revealed. Go inside and get the crown, go forward to see the painting. Use your prayer scroll to open up the painting. Place the crown on the king head and get the crusader's sword. Now go and look for the weretiger. Timing is criticle, only hacking at the right moment will you destroy it (one good hit will kill it). Go to the chamber it is guarding and you will find a iron key in the coffin. Go under the well, unlock the gate and look for the knight's body. It is laying in the middle area, i.e. between the wall and the vegetation. Remember, when you see the message saying that you don't have enough air, surface immediately.

The chest

Get the pair of tongs in the torturer chamber. Remember, it can only be place in a container or the torturer will get you. Go to the kitchen. Move tongs out of the container, click on burning coal and drag it to the inventory. The tongs will automatically grabs the coal. If you enter water later on, the coal will when off, and you can ignite it by coming back to the kitchen and dropping it into the oven. Now go and find the cannon. Use the tongs with the lit coal to light the cannon. This will blow part of the tower off. The chest is in the blown off area. Go find it. Remember, you will need 6 gold keys to open the locks.

Take only the scroll, leave the dagger alone first. Now drag the dagger outside the chest, so that it is not on the screen but in the room. Now click on the red 'R' to exit from the close up view. Now drop your backpack, click on the room icon and drag the dagger into the backpack. Then drag the backpack into your inventory. You might get killed if you try other ways. So be really careful.

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Elvira - Mistress of the Dark

Elvira - Mistress of the Dark
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