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Bequest Globe and Binah

You start the game in the Bequest Globe. Click on the Ancient valve-operated computer, you will be asked to type in your name. In turn, you'll receive your Sacred Number and Sacred Symbol, which you will need to remember throughout the game. Once you have your sacred number and symbol, enter the Crypto wheel just to the right of the computer. Click on one of the two hot spots (either 1 or 9). Once you enter the Crypto wheel you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room. After the message, a number will flash on the screen, remember this number.

Once you have both numbers (3 and 8), leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers, 3 and 8, and press ENTER. You now have access to the first Realm, Binah. Go back to the Crypto wheel and click on the hot spot corresponding to number 2. You will enter the Realm of Binah, starting in the interior of the Stonehenge formation. Walk through the Temporal Gateways until you reach the Armoured Torso. (Note, there are four possible places to go in the Stonehenge formation: the Armoured Torso, the Helmet, Merlin's Oak, and the Beach. ) Enter the Armoured Torso and walk around the room until you find the Shield Puzzle on the back of one of the chairs. Click on the puzzle to start.

The object of the game is to connect all of the nodes without crossing the line you have drawn. One solution to this puzzle is shown on page XVII of the game manual. After you solve the puzzle and see the vision of the Holy Grail, walk out of the room through the same door you entered to see more visions. Your reward for solving the Shield puzzle is the Tower card. Place it in your inventory. Once the visions are finished, you can turn around and enter the Armoured Torso once again. This time, you'll see an alien craft rather than the Round table. Walk over to the computer where the Man In Black was standing. You must select your Sacred Symbol, slide the symbol for Binah time (the Grail, the top symbol), and click on the position for Binah on the Crypto wheel (the top, right corner of the square).

Once you've successfully selected these three elements, the alien craft will rise and you'll discover the elevator down to Leonardo's Workshop. At this point, you should exit the door in the Armoured Torso, and walk through the Stonehenge formation until you find Merlin's Oak. Note: by turning around in the middle of the Stonehenge formation, you'll change where the temporal gates will transport you. Once you find Merlin's Oak, click on the three drawers until you release the Elemental. One pattern that works to release it is to open the bottom drawer first, then the middle, and finally the top drawer. Once you release the Elemental, it will guide you to the beach. Walk through the Stonehenge formation again until you find the beach.

Walk through the gate that the Elemental opens for you. Walk to the water's edge and click on the figure to the left of the pier to summon the boat. Get on the boat, and you will be taken to Avalon. Enter the tower building and you will face the Knights Templar puzzle. A solution to this puzzle is found on page XXIX of the game manual. The goal is to remove the last flame or flames so that only the chalice remains, thus forcing the Knight to drink. Note: you will always lose the first game because the Knight places the chalice on a stable square. Thus, you must win the second and third games to win. Once you beat the Knight, an elevator will appear behind him. Get in the elevator and go up to visit Morgan Le Fay.

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Drowned God

Drowned God
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: keine Angabe

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