Komplettlösung Drowned God

Here, you will receive the Star card for getting past the drunken knight. After you hear Morgan Le Fay's directions, take the elevator down to the bottom (2 floors down). Get out of the elevator on the bottom floor and walk directly across to the Priory of Sion book. Place the Tower card from your inventory on the table, and you'll be able to open and explore the book. (This will also unlock the metal door to Leonardo's workshop. Be sure to look at the illustration on the wall and checkout its mini-animations. ) Now walk through the white door at the end of the hallway and enter the Einstein and Newton puzzle. The goal here is to arrange the 4 phrases from Einstein and 4 phrases from Newton into a logical conversation.

The solution to this puzzle can be found on page XXX of the game manual. Once you solve the puzzle, you will receive a metal ball, actually it's the Automaton's Heart. Place it in your inventory. Once you complete the Einstein and Newton puzzle, walk back through the white door to the hall. Walk across the hall until you reach the metal door, go through the door to enter Leonardo's workshop Once in Leonardo's workshop, find the Star Map puzzle. You must first place the Star card on the holder before you can proceed. The goal here is to match numbers in each axis to make the pattern of the Sirius constellation. The axis co-ordinates are found in a book on Leonardo's workbench.

The corresponding numbers on the map are, in order: 17, 2, 19, 5, 24, and 37. Now you'll be able to view Leonardo's secret drawings. Afterward, you will receive the Star card back. Now walk over to Leonardo's bench, when you turn around, you will find a stone with the Automaton's image on it. Place the Automaton's Heart you received in the Einstein and Newton room in the stone to activate the Automaton. Go over to the Automaton and pick up the Babel Cylinder that it produced for you. You're now ready to go back to the hall, and take the elevator up to re-visit Morgan Le Fay. Find the elevator, and go up two floors to Morgan Le Fay. Give her the Star card and she'll direct you as to where to place the Babel cylinder. Once done, she'll give you the Moon card. Get in the elevator and go down two floors. Enter Leonardo's workshop and walk through the door by the Automaton.

You will find a dark hallway with a faintly lit box at the entrance. Place the Moon card on the box, and the hallway will light up, showing you the last puzzle in Binah, Merlin's Retort. This is a timed puzzle, so you must match the symbols quickly. You can turn the box by clicking on the left or right edge of each panel. Match all of the symbols, and you'll be transported back to the interior of the Stonehenge formation. Here you must go back to several places in Binah and set back the clocks. Each place will have something you must do to set the time back.

For example, click on the candle when you go back to Morgan Le Fay's lair, and slide the grail back into its original position when you go to the monitor in the alien craft (Majestic 12 puzzle). You will be rewarded with the Holy Grail, and transported back to the Bequest Globe, where you can continue your quest for Truth.

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Drowned God

Drowned God
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
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