Chesed: Komplettlösung Drowned God


Back at the Bequest Globe, enter the Crypto wheel by clicking on either 1 or 9, you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room. In Kether, the upper room, you will receive the Magician card. Walk over to the world map on the wall and place the Magician card in the holder. You will access information about Stonehenge. When finished, walk back over to the monitor and receive the code number (4) In Malchut, you'll receive the Temperance card. Walk over to the drawing on the wall and place the Temperance card in the holder After seeing the painting, walk back to the monitor to receive the code number (8).

Once you have both numbers (4 and 8), leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers, 4 and 8, and press ENTER. You now have access to the second Realm, Chesed. Go back to the Crypto wheel and click on the hot spot corresponding to number 3. By walking through the Crypto wheel, you will enter the Realm of Chesed, starting in the Pyramid area. The Chesed environment has multiple pathways between the Sun pyramid, the Moon pyramid, the DNA Ark, and the U. S. S. Scorpio areas. Most of the puzzles can be solved nonlinearly. The first pyramid you'll see once you enter Chesed is the Horus Pyramid Climb up the steps and you'll find Horus Pyramid Game. The goal here is to fill in all of the nodes.

Here's one solution, just click on the nodes in the following order. If you want to start the puzzle over, just turn around twice and you'll start the puzzle from scratch. Once you beat this puzzle, you'll receive a metal ball, which you will to place in the plinth at the Oracle. Next, find the Ball Court puzzle, it's directly across from the Horus pyramid steps, you'll find a pathway - take it and turn left. The object of the Ball Court puzzle is to raise all of the stones to make a level surface. One pattern to solve this puzzle is click on the stone (or stones) in the back row first (while they are lowered). Once the row is level, move to the next row towards you. Repeat this until all the rows are level.

Now click on the key on the far wall. This will open a door and you'll be able to walk into the interior of the Moon pyramid. Click on drawing on the wall, and you'll receive the top half of the Emperor card. You can leave this room now and go out to the front of the Horus pyramid. The pyramid next to the Horus pyramid, is the Sun pyramid. Climb up its steps and you'll find four cards. Pick them up one at a time and carry them over to the calendar stone at the top of the Moon pyramid, which is around the corner from the Horus and Sun pyramids. When you finish placing the fourth card, you will be will receive the Heart Stone from the calendar. With the Heart Stone, you can access the interior of the Sun pyramid.

Once you go inside the Sun Pyramid, you'll find Nine Men's Morris game. The computer AI is very tough to beat, however it does get progressively easier the more games you lose. The goal of the game is to place your markers three-in-a-row. When you place three markers in a row, you get to remove one of the computer's markers from the game. Of course, if the computer forms three in a row, you loose a marker. Once all seven markers are placed, you move by sliding one of your markers to an adjacent space. When you beat this game, you'll receive the bottom portion of the Emperor card. Now you're ready to go to the Oracle. Walk through the trench directly in front of the Moon pyramid steps Walk down through the tunnel and go forward all the way up until you reach the plinth.

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Drowned God

Drowned God
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
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