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Open the door and place the metal ball from inventory in the empty space. This will fill the Oracle with water so Horus can appear. Be sure to take the metal ball back and place in your inventory when the plinth door opens again. (You will need to place it on the Rod of Osiris in the sub.) Walk over to the Oracle, Hones will appear and ask you to make the choice of life (alpha) or death (omega) for him. Choose life and a secret door will open in the pool. (Otherwise, you'll need to enter the DNA Ark via the interiors of the Moon or Sun pyramids). You will receive the High Priest card after you make your selection. Walk down into the empty pool, and you'll see a doorway. Follow the tunnel until you get to the door with the bright white light.

You'll see the Water Organ. All you need to do is press any of the keys (in any order or combination) 6 times. You will then be elevated to the DNA Ark, where you will immediately see Noah. Turn around and you'll see the tattoo body. To complete the Tattoo Body puzzle, you must scan the body of the UFOnaut and find all four representations of the Rod of Osiris. Each time you find one, and click on the scanner, you will receive a DNA sample. After you find all four rod of Osiris tattoos and receive all four DNA samples, turn around and walk to Noah One at a time, grab a DNA rod from your inventory and place it on Noah's chest. You will receive the Lovers card after you give Noah all four samples.

At this point, you should have the Lovers, the Emperor, and the High Priest cards. If so, three indentations will appear in Noah's chest. Place the cards there and you will be transported to the U.S.S. Scorpio submarine. You will start in the flooded engine room. Turn around and you'll see the Rod puzzle (which you will need to find later). Now find the periscope room (up two floors). Here you will find a key around the neck of the frozen captain. You will also find a Morse code chart. In the captain's quarters, you will need to enter Morse code for the word GENESIS Once you have the key and the Morse code for the word genesis, find the Captain's quarters. Once there, enter the Morse code for genesis in the transceiver on the desk.

This will unlock the bathroom door behind you. Enter the Captain's bathroom. Go through the memo's in the folder. You'll find another key behind the last memo. Take it. Now you need to find the flooded engine room, the room you were in when you were transported to the sub. There you will find the Rod game. Here you will have to manipulate the x, y, z, and rotational coordinates of the Rod of Osiris. First you must place the two keys in your inventory into the two keyholes. (Easier said than done.) You will have four tries at placing the Rod in the correct coordinates and in the right rotational orientation (right side up).

The first thing you should do at the start of the game is move all of control knobs to the far left, this is the 0 position. Turn around and you'll see the position of the Rod. The upper left-hand knob controls the X axis. Each click will move the Rod one square to the right. (Note that if the Rod is in the rightmost box, it will move to the leftmost box in one click.) The upper right-hand knob controls the XY axis. Each click moves the Rod down one square to the right on the X axis, and two squares up the Y axis. (This is a tricky one, but the only way to move the rod along the Y axis.) The lower left-hand knob controls the Z axis. Each click moves the Rod back on square along the Z axis. The lower right-hand knob controls the rotation of the Rod.

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Drowned God

Drowned God
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
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