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The Rod must end up vertical, right-side up. It's best to change one or two movements at a time. You have four moves to complete the puzzle. Once you've completed the Rod puzzle, turn around and place the Oracle Orb in your inventory on the empty bar. You will be transported back to the Bequest Globe.


Back at the Bequest Globe, enter the Crypto wheel by clicking on either 1 or 9, you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room. In Kether, the upper room, you will receive the High Priestess card. Walk over to the world map on the wall and place the High Priestess card in the holder. You will access information about Stonehenge. When finished, walk back over to the monitor and receive the code number (5). In Malchut, you'll receive the Empress card. Walk over to the drawing on the wall and place the Empress card in the holder.

After seeing the painting, walk back to the monitor to receive the code number (9). Once you have both numbers (5 and 9), leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers, 5 and 9, and press ENTER. Turn around and open the Crypto wheel. This time the number 5 on the wheel will be hot. Click on 5 and you'll enter the third Realm, Din. You enter Din in the Library, remember the bookcase you see because you'll need to place the books you find in this realm there later. Walk over to the desk, and you'll see the first puzzle on the wall the Traffic Control puzzle. You can control the direction by clicking on the intersection arrows. Once you solve the Traffic Control puzzle, you'll receive the Chariot card.

Fall through the hole in the room and you'll face the next puzzle the Mechanical Maze. (There are other ways to proceed, this is a quick one.) In this puzzle, you'll face two elevators in each room. You must go through either the left door or the right door. One solution to get through the maze is to go first go Left, then Right, then Left, then Right, etc. until you make your way through the puzzle. Once out of the maze, you'll run into the old Relic Hunter. Follow him around. Eventually he'll split in two and kill himself. Pick up the Book of Orion and the Relic Hand and place them in your inventory. Go to the Theatre of Memory. Up the stairs, you'll find Carl Jung's Memory Machine. You must determine the pattern by guessing the position of the four characters.

After each of your guesses, you'll be told how many match and how many in the correct position. After trial and error, you determine the correct pattern. When you do, you'll receive the Flying Saucer book. On the other side of the same level is Allistar Crawley's machine. Select your Sacred Symbol to start the animation. When requested, place the Relic's Hand on the hand imprint. You will receive the Book of Lies. After the Memory Machine puzzle, walk up to the main room and click on the two dolls. One of them will give you the Justice card. Now leave the Theatre, go out and take the steps on your right. Notes for the rest of Din: The code for the Templar's Head is 555. The passwords for the Web Pages (on the Monitor after you complete the Four Server puzzle) are: Gene-Isis, Firebird, Lost Angels, and Majestic.

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Drowned God

Drowned God
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
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