Chokmah: Komplettlösung Drowned God

Once you activate the machinery, go back to the house and find the instructions on the ticker-tape machine. You'll find the two pieces of the Stone in the Theatre AFTER you move the House and lift up the Theatre.


Back at the Bequest Globe, enter the Crypto wheel by clicking on either 1 or 9, you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room. In Kether, the upper room, you will receive the XX card. Walk over to the world map on the wall and place the XX card in the holder. You will access information about Stonehenge. When finished, walk back over to the monitor and receive the code number. In Malchut, you'll receive the YY card. Walk over to the drawing on the wall and place the YY card in the holder. After seeing the painting, walk back to the monitor to receive the code number.

Once you have both numbers, leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers and press ENTER. Turn around and open the Crypto wheel. This time the number 5 on the wheel will be hot. Click on 5 and you'll enter the fourth and last Realm, Chokmah. Once in Chokmah, find the Hacker's Caravan and enter by clicking on the door. You can explore the inside of the caravan. Walk to the bedroom at the end of the vehicle, check out the phone message, and check out the secret notebook. Walk into the small room by the couch. Click on the X-ray machine and you'll access the Brain Implant game. The goal of the puzzle is to force the AI to move to a spot next to you so that you can capture it on your next move.

The key to winning this game is to go around the triangle in the lower left-hand corner of the puzzle (where there are two yellow spots in a row). By going around that loop, you're piece will be in the correct orientation to always capture the other piece. When you win this game, you'll receive the Hanged Man card, which you'll need to give to the Pigman in the Diner Walk out of the caravan and go inside the Diner. Answer the phone (by the pinball machine). Now move over to the radio. You must tune in Edgar Mayce's broadcast. The broadcast is on the top line and about 8 notches over to the right (there are 11 notches total on the top line).

Once you hear part (or all) of his message, turn around and you'll see a vision of the Pigman. When the Pigman asks you for an item, go to your inventory and give him the Hanged Man card. In return, he'll give you the Judgment card. When he disappears, turn to either side. Once back at the Bequest Globe, visit the upstairs and downstairs rooms just like you usually do. The cards you get will open the locked doors in those rooms. Behind each door, pick up another card but don't go further. Take those two cards back out to the main floor and use them on the door. This gives you different endings.

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Drowned God

Drowned God
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