Komplettlösung Dinotopia

Search beach thoroughly and pick up any items (important to get conveyor belt (looks like a towel + found to left of path through jungle). Enter ship + get crowbar + candlestick. Click crowbar on clam shell (to open clam the mouse click must be on exactly the right spot on the clam - very frustrating).


Head up path to first village (Hatchery) and click on door near where 2 children are standing. Talk (click) to old woman + get dinosaur ABC. Open it and use it to decipher all letters of the alphabet (write them down to translate messages later).

You will now be able to click on people + dinos + understand them. Go to first house (windmill) and use conveyor belt on gears. Show people your sister's picture + be told to go to next town - Pumicetown. Talk to dinosaurs attached to carriage (they will mention a gramaphone) and get transported to Pumicetown.


Pumicetown - Play cards with dino in the fairbooth (put an object in the offer box eg. candlestick). If you win you get a metal item. Find stairway to smithy and melt metal item. Pour metal item into key mould, cool + get key (you will get verbal instructions if you forget to use gloves, tongs, etc). Talk to everyone + show picture of your sister + you will be told to go to Waterfall City. Go back to Hatchery first via dino carriage + then walk to beach.


Beach again - click key on trunk to open it + get time-piece. Then back to carriage to go to Waterfall City.


Waterfall City - You can waste a lot of time here wandering around so look for areas where blue octagonal squares are part of the pavement (indicates a place you can enter). First find museum after meeting dino friend. It is across the bridge (South) and then far right. Talk to curator + enter slide room. Clean slides + look at them in projector. Talk to curator again about the gramaphone - he will mention a gear, a trumpet + a recording device. He gives you the base model. Find building across bridge (North) you can enter. Dino outside window will sing a series of musical notes. Repeat first note on xylophone and then each additional note.

If you succeed you get the recording device + a nice fanfare on exiting the building. Head back across bridge (South) and then West to find glasshouse. Enter + talk to dino then water flower with can. Cut large trumpet flower with shears. Head back to carriage + go to Pumicetown.


Pumicetown again - Back to smithy + melt key. Then pour into gear mould, cool as before. Click on all components of gramaphone - base, recording device, gear + trumpet. Give gramaphone to dinos pulling carriage + a new location appears on the map - Old Ruins. Go there.


Old Ruins - find big dino + talk to him. He will give you his insignia (looks like tusks) + ask you to find his nephew in the World Beneath. Enter ruins and find hole in wall near back + to the East. Follow path to stairs going down. Enter. After walking underground you come out on mountain plateau. Talk to woman + stand on carpet. Wait until flags stay still for just a moment (in downward position) + then walk off cliff. Never fear if you have timed it right you will end up on the back of a flying dino (your next method of transportation). Fly to Savannah.


Savannah - talk to dino at entrance to factory.

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