Komplettlösung Dinotopia

Walk on metal paths inside factory or just slog across the muck to find entrance to machine room at rear near far left. Enter + pull levers to get the same sequence of musical notes as previously done at Waterfall City. You will head downwards + get a scroll. Exit factory. Fly to Treetown


Treetown - To save time wander around + find Fireweed (near canal - approx. center). Then find moss on tree - it has a yellow cloud of bees on it. Go to next tree (in front) and click on sap collecting cup - sap pours out + cloud of bees moves from moss to cup. Now get moss.

Climb ladder into tree and wander around (to the right) to find big dino. Talk to him + show him all pictures. He has a cough + sore throat. In front of him is a flask. Click on moss then on flask (now you can pick it up). Then click fireweed on flask - cough + sore throat medicine. Clicking the potion on the big dino then didn't work for me but clicking it on my dino friend did (weird!). The big dino will give you a prism. (Note: to find out about the description + use of important items like the prism click them on your little dino friend). Exit + fly to Alpine.


Alpine - It is not necessary but you can go to the nearby hut and trade any unimportant item for a pick. Climb the mountain but take care to cross the mountain slides by the ice bridges. Enter monastery and talk to monk. He will give you a red sunstone. Exit and for fun slide down the mountain. Fly to desert.


Desert - Talk to old dino at oasis or far NW of desert where there are buildings. He wants you to find another dino + bring him home. Go to far NE to find him and then he will follw you back NW. Enter building, climb ladder, go E, descend ladder to another beach.

Examine sundial. Put prism on central column of stones. Now click scroll on you to read it + arrange central stones of sundial according to the scroll. Click also on SW and SE outer stones to light them. Decipher wording on scroll give your time to another . Give timepiece from trunk to old dino and suddenly a hole appears in the sundial. Descend ladder and enter submarine.


Sub - remove old used sunstone and replace with new one from monk. Click on levers to right of sub - cutscene. Interface changes to arcade sequence now.

Hold mouse button down and drag to descend in sub. Go to left of screen and follow underwater passages continuously to the West across several screens as far as possible. May need to move fish, sharks + jellyfish with lever to far left (electricity) or next lever (smoke). Then ascend in sub (don't ever exit as you will find yourself back at sundial and will need to repeat sub sequence again) until you reach surface + a new temple. Move sub near open doorway + click on doorway. Cutscene follows with sister + dino's nephew in World Beneath. Then you click on one of two choices to return to the normal world or stay in Dinotopia. The latter seems the obvious choice leading to a final cutscene. That's it folks!


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