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1. To play faster, select the easiest difficulty level and select arcade mode in the options section. In the arcade mode, all the player has to do is collect the keys, cards, and other items and kill all opponents.


2. This walkthrough details the major paths of the game. You are encouraged to explore all territories, and tryout the body simulation.


3. When you kill an opponent, always pick up any objects that the body leaves behind.


4. In simulation mode: always check your body's parameters and wounds to avoid death. There are more than 20 different causes of death! Use of the medical kit and various medicines are explained in the manual.

The Jungle

Arrival Point

As you drop from the sky in your parachute, try to land near the shed, avoiding the holes and the lake. After you land, defeat the Indigen with your fist and pick up his knife and any other objects it leaves behind. Enter the shed and pick up all objects, but leave the parachute as it is no longer needed. Exit the shed and go north. A bowman will then attack you. Pick up his bow and arrows after you fight him with the knife. Go back towards the shed. Just south-east of the shed is an Indigen with a spear. Defeat him and take his spear, then search for a knife wielding Indigen to the north-east near the lake and another bowman in the south-east. After you have defeated these Indigens, jump off the cliff to the East and swim to the northern shore.


The Swamp

As you enter this area, defeat the spear wielding Indigen, but avoid the swamp zones. Put up the spear and the Nut Powder. (Nut powder acts as an anti-venom from snake attacks - in the simulation mode only.) Walk to east, but be careful of the Pterodactyls. The bow and arrow or the knife is the best weapons against this creature. Use the knife to cut meat away from the dead pterodactyl to eat later. Near this area is a large snake. You can also cut meat away from this creature. Search the tree for a cocoon, this will be used to make torches later. To the East is a narrow passage. Through the passage and to the North is a vegetable patch.

Farther north is the tent guarded by a snake. If you are hit by the snake, be sure to use the anti-venom from the Nut Powder. Enter the tent and collect all objects, then go west towards a village.


The Village

As you approach the guarded entrance to the Indigen village, you will be attacked by bowmen on the hills. You are to enter the village, defeat all Indigens, and collect all objects in the five sheds. One Indigen, the Terrorist, has map of a cavern. At the village exit is the Indigen chief, kill him and pick up his axes.


The Cannibals

Defeat the bowman in the south-east and head to a passage in the north-west. Overcome the cannibal and take a running jump over the gap in the passage.

Keep to the left as you travel through the passageway until you come to the skeleton of Freud 77. Take the laser from the remains of Freud77. Return to the gap and fry the cannibal chief and take the laser cartridge from his body. Travel east destroying all who get in your way and look for a tent. Kill the snake guarding the tent and take all objects. To the West of the tent is body. Take all items from the body, return to the crossroads and travel east to a small plain.


Lizard Men

Attack the lizardmen and use the knife to take their skins.

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  • Genre: Ego Shooter
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 29.10.1996

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