The Cavern - Part One: Komplettlösung Deus

To the East is a passage with a dead body. Enter the passage avoiding the falling rocks and take the machine gun and all other objects from the body. Return to the plain and travel south-east, following the mountains until you see tank and radar installation. Use the machine gun, laser or grenade launcher to destroy the tank. Then approach the radar station and switch it off. Return to the South-West killing more lizardmen and collecting their skins. Go left at the crossroads, but beware the bowmen as they have poisoned arrows. Kill the Lizard Chief and get the cavern key and more lizard hide. Also pick up some clothes and food found at the nearby lake. At the bottom of the lake is skeleton with a remote control. Use some anti-venom before diving into the lake.



After coming out of the lake, there is a small passage on the left with a rift similar to the one encountered before. If you find that you are too heavy to run and jump, leave some arrows and spears behind. You can pick them up later. Past the rift is another tank and radar station to destroy and switch off. Return to the lake and head southwest and the crossroads. To the North are more vegetables. To the South is another gap, more vegetables and another tent. To the West is yet another gap that is covered by a tank to the North and lizard bowmen. Destroy the tank and skin the lizards. In the mushroom patch is body with various objects.

You may also take some mushrooms, but only a few are not poisoned. To the North is another radar station to shut down. Return to the tent and head back towards the small plain. You can now make clothes from the lizard hides. These hides will protect you from cold water. Take the narrow passage in the North and enter the shed on the left. Be careful of the bowmen who are ready to ambush you. Near the well is some quinine that you should eat before jumping into the well. Save you game before diving.

The Cavern - Part One

Note: You can not save the game while swimming in simulation mode. You must have a full suit of lizard skins in order to survive the cold water.

Dive into the well and find a key. Remember to come up for air when possible. Use the key to open the grill to get to the cavern on the other side. Save your game once in the cavern. Do a medical check of your body and remove any small animals attached to your body. Change out of your lizard suit and put on furs. Approach and kill the dwarf, taking his axe. Open the next grill with the key from the lizard chief. Attack the next dwarf and take his key. Past a third dwarf is another grill that can be opened from the dwarf key.

Over the bridge is the dwarf chief Aim for his unprotected foot and collect his key. Travel over the next bridge, mind the broken boards. Attack the next dwarf and collect all of the objects in the area. Travel back to the bridge and go left. Light a torch, and look for a chain leading to a lower level. Kill any dwarves in the area and use the anti-venom if you are hit by any spiders. Move west once on the lower level and go right at the crossroads. Take the jacket from the dead monk, and return to the crossroads. There are eggs just past the crossroads that you can eat. To the West is a room with an elevator. Travel up one level in the elevator, then text the elevator and take a set of stairs up to a trapdoor.


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  • Genre: Ego Shooter
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 29.10.1996

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