The Cavern - Part Two: Komplettlösung Deus

Freud's Shed

After entering Freud's shed, put out the torch and save the game. Take everything you can find; checking under the bed, on the bed, and on the shelves. There is a key on top of the shelves. Use the chair to climb onto the chimney to get to the key. Use this key to leave the shed and head east for the jungle and mountains. Find the lift and put on the furs again. Use the lift to travel up the mountain.


The Mountains

Kill and skin all the yeti you meet. Turn off the radar station just past a bridge and head north towards a second bridge. Be careful as this bridge also has broken boards. Kill the pterodactyl and approach the mine field. You can set off the mines by placing objects on top of them.

Past the mine field is a body with various items for you to collect. Past the body there is an iron wall. If the four radar units are switched off, then you should be able to go through the door, else there will be lasers protecting the door. Beyond the door are some temples. Near the second temple on the north-west corner is a hidden button on a column. After pressing the button, put on the monk jacket and enter the second temple.



Kill the monk in the temple and collect of items. Explore the corridors and defeat all opponents. At the end of the corridor is switch. After clicking on the switch, travel back to the large opened corridor and enter the central temple chamber.

Use the machine gun to kill the Master Monk and get the Base Map from him along with some other valuable items. Go to the 1st temple entrance and use the remote control to enter. Take off your furs if you are still wearing them and put on the gas mask and infrared gear. Enter the temple and move through the corridors of lethal gas. Put on the lizard hide gloves and click on the switch. Return to the central passage and enter the central chamber. Avoid the Cyborg. Click on a small symbol on the table and enter the secret passage. Collect all items here and click on the computer panel. This will power up the underground base. Return to the central chamber and destroy the Cyborg. Take its batteries and exit the temple. Put the furs back on and return to the cavern through the trapdoor.

The Cavern - Part Two

Return to the chain and use it to travel to the above cavern path. This would be a good point to save your game. Find the trapeze and use it get to the other side of the cavern. Attack the dwarf chieftain and take his items. Fortify yourself with anti-venom and enter the cavern maze through the small passage. Take the ammunition from the dwarven corpse. Attack the robot tyrannosaur and pick up its batteries and key. There is also a key near the a second corpse just past a fissure in the rock. Move back to grill GS and open it with the key you just found. Enter the next cavern and remember to use the anti-venom to ward off poison from the spiders.

The Cavern - Part Three

Dodge the falling rocks and jump over the gaps as you move through this cavern. Climb down a large electrical wire, avoiding shocks by moving right to left. Enter a large chamber and defeat terrorist Nobel12 who is armed with a grenade launcher. Make sure you get his magnetic card. After killing Nobel12, look for the radiation suit behind the large column near the elevator. Then activate the left from the nearby control panel. Once the lift is activated, quickly run up the stairs and jump onto the platform before it gets too high.


The Base

Destroy the drones with the machine gun as they approach.

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  • Genre: Ego Shooter
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 29.10.1996

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