Komplettlösung Deus

As you enter the room at the end of the corridor, three time bombs will be activated. Disarm the bombs by disconnecting their wiring systems which are found underwater. This is a good place to gather and purify more water. Climb back up to the platform from the bottom-right wall of the room and collect the CM3 magnetic card and audio cartridge. Listen to the instructions on the cartridge.


The Mobile Bridge

You must use the magnetic card from Nobell 2 to call the mobile bridge. On the other side of the chasm, use the same card to open the door and fight the samurai there.

Collect his card and use the bridge to explore the other positions. Above is terrorist Antigone 4, whom you must dispose of in order to get her card. Below is the armory where you can stock up on more weapons. The last position takes you to Zone Three of the prison.


Zone Three - The Prison

Destroy all robots in the room and avoid the laser beams. Once the beams are off, collect the batteries and magnetic cards from the destroyed robots. On the left side of the room, enter each of the cells using the cards. There are insane inmates in each cell. Dispose of them and collect all items.

In the last room you will find the source of their madness. Use the sound-blocking helmet to protect you from the hypnotic music. After you have defeated all opponents and collected all items, put the lizard skins and warm cloths on and approach the sewer.


The Sewer

Before entering the sewer, take some quinine. You can avoid the lasers by diving under the water or jumping over them. There are also monsters and piranhas within this area. Enter the underwater zone and defeat the samurai. Move back up to Zone Three and get a magnetic card from another samurai. Return to the base and enter Zone Two.


Zone Two - The Reactor

Put on the radiation suit and light a torch. Enter the reactor room with the CMT card. Switch on the reactor panel enabling a tube in Zone Five. Leave the reactor room and do not try to kill the flying drones. Remove the radiation suit and go to Zone Five via the mobile bridge.


Zone Five - The Tube

Defeat the samurai guarding the entrance and destroy all flying drones. Board the train when it arrives and proceed to the next station. Save the game after you destroy more drones. In the next room is the last terrorist: Cyberfranck. After you enter the room to fight Cyberfranck collect all the ammunition you can. The corners of the room are the safest place to rest after taking a hit.

Use your torpedoes first, then the plasma-gun, finishing him off with the machine gun. Take the cyborg's magnetic card and enter the shuttle launch pad. Hit the bright button and enter the shuttle and have a good flight back to Earth. During the landing sequence, your score will be displayed.

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  • Genre: Ego Shooter
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 29.10.1996

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