Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Beginning Remarks

You must talk to the people on your own. This is to provide an outline for the story, but you won't have the complete picture unless you talk to people yourself. Also note, that despite that most people are generic, the innkeepers tend to be more knowledgable. Remember, that even though you can probably skip through some parts of the game, things are event driven. Meaning certain things and people won't be in certain locations unless something gets accomplished first. For example, Abdula won't be in Morgan until you chase him off Barchetta.

Starting Off

You start the game off at the Pigge and Ballbearing inn in the besieged city of Tormis. Look around you and talk to the several characters in the inn. You should pick up two companions here, Anvil and Jermiah. Both of them are excellent fighters. It is also suggested that you rest here, and bring your primary weapons skills to the max. Also, at the first opportunity teach (and bring up to the master level) Gustavus the skill of lock picking. You will be doing a lot of that in the game, and it will free up your party from dragging an otherwise useless thief along. You should also locate the Mercenary Guild in Tormis. Go there, and pick up Dark Sky (awesome fighter) and Cyless. You can also pick up Grom and Grim, the two thieves, but they generally suck. Its a good idea to ask someone about inns, to get names and relative locations of all the city's inns.

Part 1 - Tormis

Your mission is to get the hell out of Tormis. Not an easy task considering the city is surrounded by Daemonic Hordes and you cannot just walk out the front gates. You should walk around and ask about Thieves or Thieve's Guild (a good idea is to ask a guard or a jailor or any other government figure) until you get the message that you should go find Moll in the Harvester of Sorrow inn. Go there and find Moll. Ask her about the Thieve's Guild. She will tell you to wait till midnight the next day. Just buy lodgings and rest till the appropriate time (anywhere past the midnight of the next day is fine, Moll will wait for you), talk to Moll again. Follow her a few blocks north, and she will take you to the current leader of the Thieve's Guild.

The leader will tell you that one Travis Sewerbreath, is being held in a city jail, and you gotta spring him. Go to the sewers beneath the Thieve's Guild and take them to the city jail. You will have to fight a few guards, but they are quite easy (don't forget to take the guard's weapons for some $), free Travis. Travis will tell you to meet him at the Harvester of Sorrow . Meet him there, and he will tell you that he wants you to get Heinze's ring off the current Thieve's Guild leader. Go to the Thieve's Guild and the leader will attack you. Kill him, collect the ring, go to Travis, give him the ring. Travis will give you a key to a passage outside. You can also take Travis along if you want.

He has some useful abilities, but he isn't much good in the long run. Go back to the Thieve's Guild, go downstairs, and head through the locked door in the west part of the sewers. Unlock the door and continue down the passage. You will make it outside. You can revisit Tormis as often as you want. Now you have to start heading for Attiea, which is to the far north west of Tormis. Also, you might as well buy some Black Blower Ale from the Darkhorse Brewery as you shall need it later on.

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