Part 2 - Attiea: Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Part 2 - Attiea

Now, that you arrived in Attiea, ask around about Elsopeans. You will be told that there is one in the Quaffing Pig inn. This inn is right north of where you first enter the town. When you go to the inn, ask the owner or a barmaid about Elsopeans. They will tell you that he is gone but his servant Theodore Mcalstre is still around. Find Theodore in the same inn, and ask him about Elsopeans. He will tell you that his master, Alathon has been abducted by Hellast (the ruler of Attiea) and that only the Warriors of Light can help you. Ask him about Warriors of Light, and he will tell you a key phrase Incontinence.

Go to the Laughing Heretic inn, which is on the east side of the main road leading through the walled part of Attiea. Talk to the barkeep about Incontinence. He will tell you to go to the leader of the Warriors of Light, through the fake wall by a cuckoo clock. Talk to the leader, Francisco Antonio, about Alathon, and Hellast. Leave his secret room, and you will be captured by the Attiean secret police. They will put you in a jail cell. In the jail cell pick up the lock picks on the bed, use them to get out of your cell. Since you have been stripped of your possessions, find them; they should be all on a table in the north west corner of the jail compound. Now, get out of the compound. Head towards the north eastern part of the city, where Hellast's palace is.

Enter the palace (note: just about everyone in the palace will attack you) and find Hellast (he is in the south western part of the palace), kill him, and Alathon will teleport himself away, saying he will meet you at Jornuli Point. Now get out of the city, and head for Dryleaf; a port city on the west coast, far to the north of Attiea.

Part 3 - Jornuli Point

When you enter Dryleaf, find the tavern, which is located just east of the marketplace, and talk to the ship's captain there. Pay them for a passage to Jornuli Point. Remember to click on the price while conversing, to buy the passage. Leave Dryleaf, and board the ship. Note: you may be attacked by several assassins on the way to Jornuli Point. When you arrive, in Jornuli, go to the scholar's hostel to the east of the main entrance, there you will find Alathon. Talk to him. He will tell you to obtain his master's notes from Tan-Eldorith in the far Elsopea. You can also see the dean of the scholars of Jornuli, he is in the most south eastern building in the city. He will give you some items, and he can provide information on almost any subject. Prepare well for the journey ahead, for its a long one.

Part 4 - Tan-Eldorith

You must venture far south. Preferably hugging the east coast, move south until you find the city of Tan-Eldorith. In the centre of the city, on top of a tower is the Daemonsgate. You cannot do anything about it just yet. The notes you seek are difficult to locate, they are in the Elsopean Academy of Magic building. It has a lot of pentagrams drawn on the ground. There is a large deamon sitting on top of the notes so you can't see them until you kill him. Get the notes and get out. Return to Jornuli Point. Go to where Alathon was staying, and talk to the maid about him. She will tell give you a note that will say he left for Trade Town.

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