Part 7 - The Second Temple: Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Leave Essam, find the temple on the south end of the island (its a small skull on the map) and tell the Jolly Beardy Man that he is Joolz the Blade . He will give you the real 4th piece of the tablet (the Bannar). Go to the top level of the temple and drop all 4 pieces on the top of the column (right in the centre of top level). Now the temple is active, and you will receive the location of the next one, on the island of Garl east of Anchor.

Part 7 - The Second Temple

Go to Anchor (which is on the east coast, south of Pestur's Wake) and you will be met by a messenger that will ask you to come along to Lord Hooley. Follow him, and ask Hooley about Garl. He will ask you to retrieve 3 items from Eloran. A document, a coin mould, and a notebook belonging to Karlos Slumm. Go to Eloran (which is south east of Anchor) and find the Foreign Offices building (its in the centre of the town) and get the document from one of the desks there. Now go to The Prince inn, and inquire about coin moulds (you can retrieve one yourself, from the royal mint of Eloran but you may be forced to a fight) and someone will offer to get them for you for a price.

Pay them, and meet that person in the south east corner of the town, outside the gate to the slave pens. You will get your mould. Now comes the hard part. Go to the Eloran jail, and ask about Karlos Slumm, they will tell you he was transferred to the slave pens. Go to the slave pens, and (during the day) you can find a guy named Theodore. Ask him about Slumm, and he will tell you that he can check his ledger (for a price). Do that and you will find out that one Peter Helbar bought him. Go to the Forgotten Heroes inn and ask the rumormonger Erwin about Peter. He will tell you that he hangs around that inn often. Find him, and ask him about Slumm. He will tell you that he gave him to Joseph Traal - a slave trader.

An alternate way to get the topic of Joseph Traal in your vocabulary is to go to The Prince and ask a girl named Ferrit about Peter Helbar. Either way, you must ask Ferrit about Joseph Traal. She will tell you that he went to Halfway with his slave caravan. Go there (its located between Tormis and Eloran) and inquire about him in the local inn. You will be directed to Graybrook. Its a city on the west coast, barely north of Tormis. Go there, and once again, inquire about Traal. Now you will be told to go to Attiea. Go there and ask about Traal, and you shall be told that he went on to Dryleaf. Go there, and ask about him again, you will be told to ask Arienne Toogal.

Ask her about him, also ask Ivan Helmhand (captain of the Northern Rangers - located just east of the Dryleaf's only inn) about Traal. You won't be told anything conclusive, so go to Trade Town and ask people there about him, then you shall be directed to his villa, just east of Trade Town. Go there, and you will find Traal's journal in a house in the south west of the compound. Upon examining it, you will find that he is immortal now, and only a spider can kill him. Get the spider dagger from the bed nearby, and proceed to the north of the building. There you shall find Traal. Kill him, and retrieve Slumms notes. If you want you can turn in the Traal's Journal to Ivan Helmhand in Dryleaf for a lousy reward. Return to Anchor.

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