Part 8 - The Third Temple: Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Return the items to Hooley in Anchor. Board the ship he gives you. Go to Garl. Go to the tower there, and you will encounter a mad scientist who will want a brain in exchange for a Matrix Tablet he is holding. Make sure you get the topic of bodies before your return to Anchor. Go back to Anchor, and visit the Medical College. Ask the dean of the college (he is in the eastern building of the college) about bodies. He will tell you that he obtains them from one Axel Forkbeard. Ask around, and you will find out that he is hanging around the Daemon Bell inn. The Daemon Bell and Black Spot are both in the south east of town near the docks there, with Black Spot being just slightly north east of the Daemon Bell .

Go there, and talk to Axel Forkbeard about bodies. He will get pissed off, and tell you off. Then he will send some heavies to rough you up. After dealing with them, go to the Black Spot tavern, and take the stairs down to the passage to the lighthouse. Take the passage, and in the lighthouse you will find Axel, and his cronies. Beat them, get the brain from the floor, and Axel's notes (which you can bring to the medical colleage for a lame reward). Return to Garl, give the brain to the mad doctor. He will give you the tablet. Go to the temple (just south of the tower) and drop your tablet in the centre of the top level again. The location of the next temple (in the Border Peaks) will be shown.

Part 8 - The Third Temple

This is probably the easiest temple. Go to the Border Peaks (a massive range covering the most of the south and Elsopea) and in them find a large lake, which has a village beside it (if you find Hope - the stronghold of the Hillcats - where you can pick up Shadwell for a valuable addition to your fighting force, then you are quite close). It is almost in the centre of the border peaks. Enter the village. You will find its quite burned down, but in the east part, there is a large, black building. Enter it. Find your way to its centre, and talk to the Kzzir leader there. He will tell you that he needs an energy crystal from the middle level of the temple. Go there, and after a few fights you should be able to reach the crystal.

Return it to the Kzzir. He will give you the Matrix Tablet. Go to the third level, and use it in its centre (just like the previous two temples). The temple will become active, and the location of the next one (on the island of Barchetta) will be revealed. Go to Dryleaf. Ask about Barchetta, and take the ship to Mashan, the city on the island.

Part 9 - The Fourth Temple

The city of Mashan is ruled by pirates. Gather enough rumours to get the topic of Rebel Pirates in your vocabulary. Now find the leader of the city, Friday the Sword (he should be in the middle of the town, in the town keep) and ask him about Rebel Pirates (make sure you have Abdula in your vocabulary before you leave him) and about Skull Mountain (you should have this topic from the Translation Notes). He will tell you about the Catacombs. Ask him about those, and in turn, he will tell you that the key to the catacombsis with the jailor, Bruno of Mashan. Go to Bruno, and ask him about the Catacomb Key. He will give it to you, and since the entrance to the catacombs is in the keep, return there and enter them.

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