Part 10 - The Fifth Temple: Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Make your way roughly towards the south eastern corner of the catacombs. You should find the exit to the main part of Barchetta there. Explore Barchetta down the eastern coast until you find a small port. Enter it, for its the hideout of the Rebel Pirates. Fight the guy right in front of the exit (Gus the Helmsman), and you will be told that Abdula sailed away, with the Matrix Tablet needed to activate the Skull Temple/Mountain west of the port. Now, you must return to Dryleaf. Ask around Dryleaf about Abdula. You will be told to ask a scholar. Ask any scholar in any town, and you will be told that this sort of information can be obtained through a Deamon Oracle. You can buy those at any major store for a hefty price.

Use it. BUG WARNING: THE DEAMON ORACLE CAUSED MY SYSTEM TO CRASH. Thus, I had to search blindly for Abdula. Go to Morgan, a small fishing village, just south of Dryleaf. Go to the inn in that village. In the backroom of the inn, you will notice a person that looks like your party. Talk to that person (named Ulweyrn) about Abdula. It will turn out that this person is in fact Abdula, and you will be attacked. After the fight collect the Matrix Tablet, and return to Mashan, go through the catacombs again, and install the tablet in the temple like you did before (third level). The location of the last temple will be revealed to be on the island of Soramuth. Return to Dryleaf.

Part 10 - The Fifth Temple

Once you returned to Dryleaf, go to the local inn, and find the man called Harald Half Troll. Talk to him about Soramuth. Give him the Blower Ale you obtained from the Dark Horse brewery in Tormis. Board his ship, and you will be attacked by a Leviathan on your way to Soramuth. After you wash up on shore, follow the western coast, until you come across a tower. Enter it and talk to the man inside it. Ask him about Skull Mountain. He will tell you that he will give you the tablet needed to activate it, if you accomplish a series of tasks for him. He will tell you that the first task is to deactivate the Leviathan (which of course is basically a submarine).

The way to do this is to shut off the valves inside it, in a specific order. To do that enter the underground complex beneath the tower. First of all, you will have to retrieve a set of keys to access the Leviathan. They are in a room, in the north part, marked Gorak Halan . Next, proceed to the south eastern part of the complex and use the keys on the door, to get to the Leviathan. Once inside, go to the central console, and the screen should turn to display of symbols with gauges beside them. Clicking on a symbol will disarm that particular part of the Leviathan. You're expected to disarm the valves in the following order: Armory Systems, Energy, Navigation, Propulsion, Air Ballast, Brain.

Once you disarm the Leviathan, return to the man in the tower. He will ask you to close off some air vents. This is done by finding the keys and using them to lock the doors with the matching markings. Once all four doors are locked, return to the man for your final task, which is to blow up a dyke. To do this, you must find several items in the compound below tower: a wire fuse, a gunpowder, a cork, and a clay jar. All the items are there, although they are a bit strewn about. Use the gunpowder, fuse and cork to create a bomb, and use the bomb by the dyke (which is next to the Leviathan). You will have a few minutes to make it back up to the tower, before the bomb explodes! Hurry back to the man, to receieve the Matrix Tablet and a Jet Statue.

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