Part 11 - The Search for Alathon: Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Go to the temple (slightly north of the tower) and use the tablet in the manner you used the previous ones. Now use the Jet Statue to return to Dryleaf. You have activated the Matrix Configuration!

Part 11 - The Search for Alathon

Go to Trade Town, to the inn where Alathon was staying. Ask the barkeep abouthim. You will be told that he went to an inn in the Campps, called Master of Puppets and that you're supposed to ask the proprietor about a keyword Rabbits. Go to the city of Slime (which is the easternmost city right below the great Wall) and find the said inn. Ask the barkeep of Master of Puppets about Rabbits and he will tell you that Alathon left with a group of Njord Wolfraven's people to go to Rowche. Go to Rowche (first city west of Slime) and find the inn there, go in and Njord Wolfraven will hand you a message from Alathon.

Read the message, and go to Hajak (Hajak is west of Rowche), and find the house of Svein McDoogal (its more less in the centre of the town). Talk to Svein about Njord Wolfraven. When you leave you will be attacked by him. Slay him, and you will be attacked by Njord Wolfraven (turns out he tricked you to slay McDoogal for him - there is no way to avoid it). This is a tough fight, so prepare well before you do it. Slay him, and pick up his notes and his magical axe, Groinsplitter (not a bad weapon). Read his notes. Now you know you have to search out Edric in Eloran to find Alathon. Go to Eloran. In Eloran, you will have to find the house of the family Torano, that's where Edric is. As you find him, he will teleport away, after telling you that Alathon is dead.

Go around the house, and find a bottle on a desk in the north-westernmost room, pick it up (it may be slightly hidden, so just use the pick up option by that desk). Alathon will float out of the bottle, and tell you he has been killed, and his spirit is trapped in the bottle. Now you will be told how to shut off the Daemonsgate: you will need a Lore Master that is willing to sacrifice himself (that would be Alathon in the bottle) and a Daemonologist capable of summoning a Daemon Prince. You will also be told to search out the sword of Karadith from the Elsopean city of Helladi. Your first order of business should be to get a Daemonologist to join your party. You will told that a Daemonologist lives in Dryleaf.

Go there, and in the first row of houses (northernmost) in the westernmost house lives one Nikolause Krippe. He will tell you that he shall join your party if you bring him a book called Summoners Almanac . This book is in possession of a Daemonologist living in a tower just north of Tormis. Go there, and the book is lying on the floor there. Pick it up and the Daemonologist will attack you. Slay him. Return to Dryleaf, give the book to Nikolause, and get him to join you. Now you must venture to Elsopea for the final time.

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