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Touch the emitters. Talk to the Keeper Of Souls. Talk again. You will exit back into DW. Now go to the civic centre (thats a location with a weaponsmith's office). Go into the weaponsmith's office. Talk with him. Exit shop. Go right. Enter the temple and talk to the Priestless. Exit. Go right. Here talk to the guard about prison guards's riddle and dont talk with him after he tells you answer because you will die (though its not fatal its not right). Go to map. Here go to the recreational center + bar location. Go to the bar and talk with a bartender. After that take a food. Also there's a DW jukebox here with a malfunction but I doubt it can be fixed. Exit. Go inside a center nearby. Try opening a door, look at the device.

Now go back to the pillar (near that use a card on a barrier to get through). Here go to the prison and solve the riddle of 2 biofreaks. (In my case the right answer was the upper one). Enter prison and use alien food on a guard. Go past him. Talk to the Keeper Of Scrolls. Return to map. Now go to the Hall Of Justice but enter the rightmost passage. Talk to droid and show him your card and talk to get rid of his presence. After that grab a Light from the table. Return to NW. Go to the carnival. Go and play the Wheel Of Fortune and you will succeed. Again go to the DW. Here go to the location where you used a magnet on the face. So use your creature from wheel contest on the panel at the right side of the screen.

Go to the recreational centre and take an ego-massager and enter a door which you can unlock easily now. Go to the Goth and talk with him. Return to NW and go to Gargan to give him ego-massager. He will present you a pillbox. Back to Goth and give him pills. Talk with him again. Take a crossbow near the entrance. Back to NW. Go to sheriff's and you'll meet Mayor. Use hanger to open his car and get a case with a coin and photos. Back to your house and sit on bench to meet Jack. Discuss new evidences. Now go again to sheriff's and use coin on the phone and dial sheriff. Report a robbery just outside the town and he'll leave. Enter his office and take a photo and a newspaper. Go home and show this stuff to Jack as usual.

Go to pool and talk again with Johnny and Melissa. After that go to the morgue and look in the drawer to the left of the corpse for Larsen's black book. Return home and share news with Jack. Go to Mrs. Ramirez house and talk with her about Rita. After chat reenter to her house and you'll see Johnny entering her mansion and being paid. Go to the window and film them with your trusty camera. When you'll be back to map you'll get a message to visit Dr. Sims so you do. After next hypnosis and chat go back to your house and again share secrets with Jack. Go to the pool. After incident go to Slim's hut and talk with him. He gives you a letter and a gun. Return to DW + go to the weaponsmith.

Give him a gun and he'll give you an armgun. Go to the NW's carnival and use this armgun at the Shooting Gallery. Sheriff will come and warn you. Exit to the map and you are agin prompted to visit Dr. Sims. After a seance you'll beat a Fed (wow!). Again go aqnd chat with Jack at your house. Then go to DW and use the creature you won on the panel near the thing that looks like Shooting Gallery (that's a screen to the left of the pillar). Now go to the weaponsmith's location and enter a previously locked door to the left of weapons shop. Take a tool there. Back to the NW and go to the carnival there. Go to the Ring Toss contest and use a crossbow on a cylinder, you win the contest. Go to the DW and to the very left from pillar.

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Darkseed 2

Darkseed 2

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