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Click yes when Ari asks you to. When Ari asks you to deploy a probe, first click startup , then diagnostics , then deploy . As you approach the freighter, click analysis to ID it. To open the door, click on the blue patch to the upper-right of the door. Click floodlight when asked. Move about until Ari asks you to grab the object: click grapple-arm to grab it, then click analysis when asked. Click yes when Zack asks if you want to go to Mizar.


Immediately after the crash, click analysis to see the Artemis power system. Click analysis when Ari asks you to check the ship. Deploy the probe, clicking startup - diagnostics - deploy . Click floodlight when Ari asks. To open the door, click any colour in the visible spectrum (you never need the IR and UV spectrums).

Red Hall: Crew Quarters

You enter through the partially open door into the crew quarters, and cross over to the far side. Come back to the door side. Swing right to the second column of triads. Click on the lower triad, then on the upper-right hole. When you're attacked, kill the alien with your laser. Click grapple-arm to pick up the orb. You may have to exit and re-enter the hole, first. Leave the quarters.

Yellow Hall: Engine Room

Click analysis on the door, translate as 246135 (i.e., the number of lines in the alien symbol). Click the yellow light to open the door. Puzzle: Label the outer rotation hexes a,b,c,d,e,f, where the top-right is a and going clockwise to the top-left f. To solve: 1) bb ccc dddd eeeee 2) bb cccc d eee fffff 3) b cc ddd eeee fffff. Click violet light at the console to open the window. Sundial puzzle: Label the circles 1 through 6, clockwise from lower-left to lower-right. To solve: 1 3 5 6 2 2 6 6. Fight the krinn, and be careful not to hit Zack or Ari. When the window blows, click violet to close the shutters. You will be injured. Click analysis . Probe logic circuit puzzle: Label the switches 1 (top-right) clockwise through 9 (top-left) (i.e., the switch with red and blue lights at the bottom is switch 5). Solution: 3 4 1 2 6 1 4 1 2 9 2 4 1 2 5 1 2 (by switch colour: g y r b by r y r b ry b y r b rb r r).

Blue Hall: Hologram Chamber

Click analysis at the door, translate as 362514 . Click blue to open. Puzzle: Label the outer rotation hexes a,b,c,d,e,f, where the top-right is a and going clockwise to the top-left f . To solve: 1) bb dddd e 2) a bbb 3) aaa bb ddd ff. To rescue the falling Zack, click thrust as soon as the indicator hits bottom, repeating until you get to the top. When facing the statue, click blue and see the orbit puzzle: Four of the planets are directly movable. Call them A, B, C and D, as they are ordered in the bottom right selection window. You must move the fifth planet over the sun. Solution: Move A to 11:00, C to 4:30, D to 1:20. You might need some minor adjustments, but you do not have to move C at all. Move to face the statue and click send of the 362514 code to get the orb.

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