Orange Hall: Medical Centre: Game Guide

Orange Hall: Medical Centre

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Click analysis at the door, translate as 415263 . Click orange to open. Puzzle: You must freeze the shapes into matching profiles. Labels the figures (see picture):

Pair them as:

a,l: C

b,f: large square

c,i: small square

d,j: 3/4 circle (mirror images, not exact)

e,g: half-circle with slot in top

h,k: O

In the medical room, turn right from the door until you swing just past the first table. Just beyond it, on the floor, is something you can close in on. It is an orb dispenser (it looks like a colour palette / flower thingy). send the 415263 code to it, and the thing above it will open and reveal an orb. Click grapple-arm to pick up the orb and give it to Zack. This time swing left from the door, past the other table. Just past the table, up high, is a control device you can close in on. To operate it, click red, then blue, violet, orange, and violet. It will lop off the hand of an alien. You can't do anything with it right now.

Green Hall: Farm

Click analysis at the door, translate as 531642 . Click green to open. Puzzle: Label each triangular cell by row and column: 1-1 is the top-left, 8-9 is the bottom right. The mirror positions are a for top, b for top-right, etc. clockwise to f for top-left. Set up mirrors in the following positions:


1) 4-7d 4-9d 2-1f 8-4f 8-5c


2) 2-6c 4-12c 5-15c 6-3c 7-7c 8-9c


3) 1-1d 1-2a 1-4e 1-9b 3-7d 3-12a 3-13b 4-7b 4-15d 5-3a 5-5a 8-3e 8-4d 8-6d 8-8b


At the farm, as you're facing the black opening, turn around and go forward (it's a bit hard to find the spot, but it's there). You'll find another orb dispenser. send it 531642 and click grapple-arm to get the orb. Next time, enter the hole and click floodlight .

Violet Hall: Library

Click analysis at the door, translate as 654321 . Click violet to open. Puzzle: This is really a game. You must form a closed path of four or longer before the computer does. It's not very difficult. Close in on the panels. Each panel will show you two pictures. You have to click various colours to make the pictures appear. Click analysis on each picture, and translate each using the numeric code we've been using with the doors. Ari will set off a collapsing force field. send it 654321 to shut it off.


(You can skip the red door if you already have the orb from the crew quarters.) Your database is full, so don't bother analysing this door. Click red to open. Puzzle: Label the rotation hubs a (top) clockwise through f, and g in the centre. a will be a clockwise rotation, -a an anti-clockwise rotation.


1) -g aa -g-g -b-b g bb gg -b eee fff dd ccc ggg -c-c -g-g cc ggg d -g


2) ggg aaa -b ddd -c-c -b-b e ff eee -g-g -e-e g -d c -g-g -c -g -d-d gg dd


3) aa fff -g ee dd -g-g b -g ccc -g-g -c-c g a -g -a g f -g -f


Go to the crew quarters, kill the alien, and get the orb (see Red Hall above). Back in the central hub, go to the yellow (2) door, click yellow to open it, go through the next door, turn left, go through the door, and turn around. Just to the left of the door is another orb dispenser. send it 246135 then click grapple-arm to get the orb. Return to the hub. The orbs will be inserted into the device. Go to the orange door, click orange to open it, go through the next door into the medical centre. Close in the hand you amputated earlier and click grapple-arm . Return to the hub. Zack will toss the hand off. Look around on the floor and grapple-arm it again. After the elevator ride you will see a live alien. When Ari asks you to talk to it, send it 452 (from one of the panels). And they all lived happily ever after.

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