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Snoop around

Get the flower from outside the hut. Then walk out until you meet the Shaman. Walk around again until you see another Indian. Talk to him. He suggest you to talk to one of the creeps at the far end. Go there. Give the flower to the used to be lovely girl. She'll tell you a secret. Memorize it. Then talk to the 3 headed fat man (The middle one is telling the truth). Go to the back door. Look in the pot and get the fresco (DON'T walk to the left or you'll die!). Go back and find the wolf den. Go out through the hole. Yup, fresh air! Go inside the ruined temple. Talk to the chief. Meet his Xochi, her lovely daughter.

Ask the chief about everything. Walk around the city and notice that you can't go anywhere except going inside the temple. Then go to the temple. Go inside until you see a guard. Look at the mural on the wall. Use the fresco there. Memorize the sequence. Be socialized to the guard and you'll get caught (that's the point). Talk to other prisoner and wait until the Shaman shows up. He'll give you the magic map. Then repeat again this act until you'll get caught for the second time. This time he'll give magic skill to shapeshifter. After you get those magical ability, try the shapeshifter to go out from the jail. Back to the temple again. This time go to the upper door (don't go to the guard). Open the cabinet.

Collect these stuff: stick, obsidian, earplug, pot, mantle, 2 magic powder, reed, and cup. Then climb until the top shelves. Move around, wait until the guard open the cabinet and . . . revenge time. Kick his butt! Got it. Get his bird costume. Then you can go back to his post inside the temple. This time the medicine man shows up. Use the red powder to blind him. Then talk to Xochi. She'll suggest you to meet the emperor in his castle.

Meet the Emperor

Now the market can be entered freely. Go there and prepare for some trading. First of all, try your luck on the guess the place game. Win approximately 20 beans (get it by 7 right guess). Then go inside the market to the right. First, talk to the man on the top. Trade his knife with 8 beans, his rope with pot and mantle, and his feather and flagon with the medallion from the bird costume. Next, talk to the girl on the right. Trade flagon and feather for 5 beans. Then talk to the fruit seller. Trade 2 beans with fruit and maze, then 3 beans with the ointment. After that go out to the top left. And amazingly there's a boatman here.

Where does he come from? Talk to him. He'll take you with a boattrip if you give him the bird costume with the medallion. SHIT, you just sold it! Back to the market. Talk to the man again. He'll trade the medallion if you give him his feather, the flagon plus 3 beans. What a rip off! Talk to the girl on the right. And another badluck, she just sold the feather to the featherwork lady near the zoo. OK, just pay her 5 beans for the flagon. Go to the featherwork. Click on the feathercraft on the wall. Trade it with earplug, obsidian, and the cup. Now back to the merchant in the market. Try to give him the feathercraft.

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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull
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