Escape from the City: Komplettlösung Crystal Skull

He won't accept it that way. OK, try to open it! Doesn't work! Back to the featherwork. Try to open it in front of the lady. Then ask her to open it for you. Back again to the merchant in the market. Trade the feather, flagon, plus 3 beans with the medallion. Give the bird costume to the boatman. Near the castle, jump to the beam on the top. Push the stone to the river. While the guard look in the river, go pass him to the door. Go up (NOT to the left!). Go right. Take the knife on the table. Push the shield two 360 degree to the right and one more to the left. It should open the secret compartment. Look at the picture. Now go back to the guard. Tell him the password (the creature: 3rd choice). Talk to the emperor with the attitude (follow the instruction).

Escape from the City

Go to Calmecac (Now now the monk has gone away). Enter Calmecac. Go to the right. Look at the white cloth on the wall. Go back. Use the stick with the burner to lit it. Burn the white cloth. Then go back and take the black robe. Wear it and go out. Talk to the other monks. Choose middle answer and followed by the right answer. Outside Calmecac, wash your face with the water from the pond. Watch the scene that shows the capture of the princess. Go to the jail/courthouse. Wear the black robe. Enter the house. Inside, shapeshift to Mom. Go in. Near the crowd, shapeshift back to the monk and enter the crowd. Listen to the evil plan of the Snakeskirt.

Go back. Shapeshift to mom, then go right. Shapeshift to bug. Enter the jail. Talk to Xochi. Then choose left answer. Shapeshift again to monk. Go to the right. Open the robe and go to the castle via the market. Report this to the emperor. Choose right answer. He'll give you a pass to go to the checkpoint. Go there. Shapeshift to Snakeskirt. At the bridge, use the reed with yourself. Jump to the river. Now you're in the countryside.

Meet the 2-headed Snake-God

Go up at the crosspoint (to Teotihuacan Temple). Turn right and climb the stair. Look at the wall. It's the same arrangement with the mural on the wall in the city. Push the green button in this order from the left (3, 6, 2, 8). Note that the 4th button is light up. Go to the Temple of The Moon (North of Teotihuacan). Enter the 4th door (it's open now). Wear the ointment. Then the creature will send you to Aztha. Talk to your grandpa. Listen to his riddle. Enter the 5th door from the left. Climb the stair to the hut. Talk to the 2 headed god. Show him the pass from the emperor. He'll give you an amulet. Go back to the beach. Go to the sea and kazaam back to the crosspoint.

Spinning Wheel

Now go down to the road to Tula. At the chasm, use rope on tree then swing to the other side. Continue your journey until you see a ruin. Talk to the oldman. Get the serpent tile on the ground near the left column. Go up to the stair. Look at the left side on the ground. You'll find the jaguar tile. Go to the big altar. Look at the wheel. It's missing 3 parts. You already have 2 parts. Use them on the holes. Now you got to find the last tile. Go to the snow mountain (to the right of the crosspoint). Go up to the slope. Put the fruit and maize as an offering to the Gods on the ground. Now get the snowball.

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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull
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