The Story of the King: Komplettlösung Crystal Skull

Use your magic map to reach the market. Go to the snow booth. Get behind the counter. Your friend will arrive soon. Offer him the snowball and trade it with the quill. Go to the merchant on the other side of the market. Trade the quill with the statue. Go to the House of The Spirit (the priest temple). Enter to the left. Meet the medicine man again. Use the red powder on him. Watch as he sit down, there's a mural showing on the wall. Use the statue in the hollow. Open sesame, there's a door on the wall. Enter it. Look at the 2 altar. Get the last tile on the right altar and reach the crystall skull on the left altar. Oooops, you break the skull. Now what? Go back to Tula, to the Spinning Wheel. Use the last tile on it. Push any button 10 times to go back 500 years before. Wow, this is a time machine. Now we must find the skull.

The Story of the King

Talk to the old man. Have I met you before? Go to the courtyard. Go right to enter the castle Tula. Talk to the man. Draw his map. From left to right: Beach, Chasm, Tree and the rock, and Desert (a footsteps will appear). Then watch the story of the King unfold. The king is disappeared because of you. Then go to the big river to the right. Help the boatman with his riddle. Remember: always put jaguar with the fruit together (that's the key ). First, get the bird, then the fruit/jaguar, bring back the bird, take the jaguar/fruit, and finally get the bird.

Gather Information

Go to north path. You'll reach the swamp. Get the mosquitoe here. Continue your journey to Olmecs. Touch the rock. He'll give you a riddle to enter the Xibalba. Continue your journey to the right. Use the sword to open the jungle. Then get some bananas. Continue until you reach a crosspoint. Up, you'll meet grandma who lost her sons in the ballgame at Chichen Itza Ballcourt. Down path you'll find the Temple of the Sun and The temple of Inscription. Don't go there yet. Find your way to Chichen Itza. Enter the temple of the Jaguar, you'll find a scribe inside. Talk to him. He refused to talk to you. Then climb to the stairs to the temple of the Ballcourt.

Look at the hieroglyhps. Then go to the Ballcourt. Talk to the player. Next go to El Castillo (left of Chichen Itza). Climb the stairs to the temple. Hey, you'll distract the dance and you'll be send to the jail. Make that stupid bat to go away. Then look at the lower left for a bug. Get it. Push the stone on the wall on the lower right. An iguana will show up. Talk to him. Shapeshift yourself to mosquitoe. Then shapeshift to Iguana. Now you're free (You can go out with the magic map but later you can't shapeshift to Iguana). Now find your way to Cenotes (the well). On the way you can use the banana to attract the monkey's attention (listen to the monkey sound and you'll know that he'll around). Talk to him.

He'll help you how to read the hieroglyphs at the temple of Jaguar (choose middle answer when he asks you). Go back to Cenotes. Jump to the well. Get the disc on the ground. Enter the cave under the well. Go right. Talk to the pot twice, They'll give you a snake vision if you bring them the spine, shark's tooth and the shell from the sea.

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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull
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