Find the Spine and the Shell: Komplettlösung Crystal Skull

Find the Spine and the Shell

Go to Doers (right of the observatory). On the way you'll meet a macaw bird. Touch it to get his feather. Use the knife to cut the bamboo on the ground. Talk to it. Then use the feather on you and make yourself a weapon. Hit the bird exactly five times to get his tooth. Go to the Doers to the right. Talk to the oldman. Ask him about the lights and the cookies . Using the lights you can see a vision about Snakeskirt and the tribe's chief (it's somekind of crystall ball). Trade the light with the disc. Then trade the tooth with an oar. Go to Tulam. Follow the west path and get the stick on the ground. Now follow the north path to the beach.

Look at the boat. Use oar with the boat. Travel to the island. Look at the sea. Then pick up the coconut from the tree. Go back to Doers. Give the coconut to quench his thirst and trade it with incense burner (coal). Now go to the Diving God Temple (east of Tulam). Put the stick and the coal in the hole on ground. Use the light to lit it. The Diving God will give you a power to face the undersea creature. Now dive to the sea. Go to the cave. Get the shell and the spine from the fish. Go back to the beach. The shark will shows up and give you his tooth. On the way back to Cenote, visit the observatory. Climb up and look at the scroll on the table. Memorize the hieroglyphs.

Go to the Underworld

Go back to Grotto at Cenote. Give the 3 items they want (spine, shell and tooth). Watch the vision. Then go to the Temple of Ballcourt. Arrange the tile according to the hieroglyphs at the observatory. Then it will open a secret door at El Castillo. Go there. Enter the door near the stair. Sit on the red jaguar chair. A vision will appear. He tells you a password to enter the Underworld. Go to the grandmother house. North of the crosspoint. Talk to her. Then pick up her jug near the door and ask her for a drink. Release the mosquitoe to distract her. Enter the house. Look in the mouse hole on the wall.

Reach in it to get the mouse. You must do it twice before you catch the mouse. Use it on the fire to threaten him. Then he'll help you to get the ballgear on the roof. Get it. Next go to the Temple of the Sun (South of crosspoint). Climb up. Read the hieroglyphs. Then visit the temple of inscription (right of temple of the sun). Look at the wall. Memorize the arrangement of the hieroglyphs. Go back to the temple of the Sun. Arrange the hieroglyphs. It'll open a trapdoor in the temple of Inscription. Go there. Tell the guard the password (VENUS). Enter the trapdoor. On the Pacal's tomb, find the writing: Enter the road. Click on it. It'll bring you to the underworld.

Facing the Death

Talk to the owl. Go south. Get some fireflies in the way. Go west. You'll see a blood river. Talk to the owl for clues. Use the bamboo to cross the river. On the other side, use the mosquitoe to distract the Gods. Talk to them, and choose the right answer. They'll send you to darkroom. Use the fireflies to replace the cigar's light. The god will send you to another room. Now run like hell to the upper level and avoid the blades. Bring your twins too. Next the Gods will send you to the bat house. Use the bamboo to distract the bat. Unfortunately, your twins lost his head there. Then go to the God of the tree.

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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull
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