Komplettlösung Chronicles of the Sword

You will get poppy seeds - return it to her. Return to campfire. Go down and then left. Talk with Brother Anthony about honey. Left. Walk inside monastery. Talk with monk near well. Find a spot on the door to stables on the right of the screen and click there - you take straw. Soak straw in well (you need to walk to another screen to do it - walk down). Use straw on lantern and then go to Brother Anthony and use straw to smoke bees and get honey. Return it to Demidtke. Exit her house. After talking go downstairs. Pick up amphorae. Go left. Enter cave. Take rope. Go right. Talk with smuggler. Return to monk near well and talk with him. Give him amphorae. He will give you mead and you bring it to smuggler and he will help you.

Pick up shell. Go right. Use sword on snake. Climb up. Use sword on rattles. Go into the forest. Go right to faerie ring (anther one). Pick up red toadstool and use it on ring. Talk to faerie leader. Give him your ring. Exit. Go down some times to find a screen with a road - you need to find a hard rock which is lying near the tree in the middle of the screen just near the road. Go back to the screen, previous to faeries. Go up. Take a pole (the one in the right column, the one with no skull on it - almost the center of the screen). Go forward twice. Use horn on the left pole, then use your pole on that pole. Cross the bridge. Go to gates. Use hard rock on padlock. Pick up chain from right gate. Enter castle. Go left. After combat + talks go up.

Go down. Find a hotspot on the walkway - its a key lying on it - pick it up (if its not in this screen try neighbor screens). Go further into cave. Use key on lamp to the left of the door, then use key on doors. Exit (2 times). Talk with faeries. Exit room to the left. Click on web to get a hair. Go right. Exit to the right of the faerie leader. Use hard rock on the 2nd petrified tree from the right. Pick up a twig. Go up. Enter door. Use twig on urn. You get a vial. Return it to faerie leader. Give him Morgana's hair. Pick up sword. Go to the room with urn. Go down. Go left. Kill Ragnar with sword. Click on him to get a locket. Open it with dagger. Return opened locket to faeries. After talking return to Ragnar, go further, descend stairs.

Go to the cage with skeleton - there is a hotspot just under the skeleton one - very hard to spot but try and you will succeed. You will pick up a vial of holy water. Return to Ragnar and pour it on him. See final movie - what a lame!

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Chronicles of the Sword

Chronicles of the Sword
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