Komplettlösung Bureaucracy

You have left your previous job to accept employment with Happitec and you have moved to a new address. Happitec is sending you on a vacation to Paris. All you have to do is wait for the money order which Happitec is sending to you, pick up your plane ticket, and board the plane. So you think! It seems the removals company has misplaced all your belongings. The Change of Address card which you were to file somehow got sent to your old address. The new owner of your old home sent your mail to your old bank. Check out your wallet and you find that you have no money, anexpired US Excess card and a Beezer card.

Your new home contains a few meager possession, i.e., your Boysenberry computer, a telephone / answering machine and a few miscellaneous items. Take everything you can for you'll need everything you can find to solve this game. Listen to the messages on the telephone / answering machine. Consult your Address Book and call all the numbers listed. You'll learn a lot by doing this. The doorbell rings. Chowmail Overnite is delivering a large bag of Llamex (r) brand High-Fibre Llama Treats. You didn't order it, the address is wrong; but, you'll never be able to explain anything to the delivery man, so just give him your Beezer card. You are now the proud owner of a bag of llama treats! There's nothing else to do in the house for now, so explore your new neighborhood starting with your mailbox.

The mail found in each location seems to be random. For example, in one game youmight find a leaflet in the mailbox and in another game find a flyer in the mailbox. That isn't important. The postage is important so try to remember what type of postage was used and the order in which you find it. The mail you find in your mailbox has a postage stamp on it. Go to the bookstore. You'll notice it's actually a software store. Talk to the clerk. Ask him about software. He'll offer you a special cart which he keeps under the counter. SHOW the game cartridge to the clerk. He'll take it and give you a Recipe Cart. I found that I got a point for this, but did not get a point if I said TRADE cartridges. Go to the Travel Agency.

Give the letter to the Agent and get your round-trip ticket to Paris. Go to the bank and try to file a Change-of-Address form. Lots of luck! The bank has already sent you a Change-of-Address form and one is all you are allowed. Too bad it was sent to your old address. Go to the old tenement building. There are stairs leading up and a door in the south wall. Nothing can be done about the blank wall at the top of the stairs, so forget it. Knock on the south door. A voice will answer and the door will open. Enter the flat which is occupied by a mousy little man. Seems he collects stamps. You will see some mail in the floor but the man won't let you pick it up. Show the stamped envelope to the man. He'll grab it and run out of the flat.

Pick up the mail. Notice the Postal Service sticker. By this time you will probably be getting hungry, so go to the Restaurant. The waitress will take your order then return to tell you that your order was lost due to a computer crash. Of course, it's her break time, so someone else will take your order. You must go through the long ordering process all over again. Wait for your order and eat whatever you get. You have no money to pay the bill, so sneak out the back door of the restaurant into the alley. From the alley you can squeeze through a gap in the fence to arrive at Behind Mansion. Enter the back door of the mansion. Here you'll find a macaw sitting on a perch. You can see some mail under the perch but the macaw will not allow you to take it.

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