Komplettlösung Bureaucracy

Air Zalagasa seems to be north of the Lost and Found. It doesn't matter how early or late you arrive at the Air Zalagasa desk. A fat man will always be in line ahead of you and he'll cause you to miss the plane. Not to worry. When your turn finally comes, give the Omnia Gallia ticket to the clerk in exchange for an Air Zalagasa ticket. Once you have the Air Zalagasa ticket in your hot little hand, go south one move and climb the pillar. Open the grate and climb up the duct. You'll eventually reach the Control Tower. A console radio will crackle: Air Zalagasa flight 42 requests permission to take off. Say: Controller, permission denied. Go back to the top of the pillar and examine the speaker. Pull red wire then pull black wire.

Connect red wire to black wire. You have short circuited all the speakers in the terminal. The applause of the crowd is deafening! Before you know what's happening, you'll find yourself on the plane in seat 3B. Shortly thereafter, the attendant will bring you a bowl of llama stew. Eat the stew and you die. Refuse to eat it and you die. How can you get rid of the stew? The only way I could get rid of it was to cause the seat ahead of me to recline, thus spilling the stew. By wearing the headphones, changing seats, andpushing buttons, you'll learn that the whole system is mixed up. The light button reclines the seats but you'll have to experiment to determine which light button controls which seat.

Here's one way to do it: Before the attendant brings the stew, move to Seat 3C. Wait a few turns. The attendant will bring the stew. Leave it on your fold-out table and move to Seat 8D. Push the light button which actually reclines the seat ahead of Seat 3C. That seat will recline, thus spilling the stew. After the stew is spilled, return to Seat 3C. You'll see a small piece of laminated card. Examine this and take note of the words STINGLAI KA'ABI. There will be a telephone call for you, go to the phone. Most likely, it will be the waitress asking about the tip you left. The line will be disconnected and you'll overhear another conversation.

About this time the flight attendant will ask you to return to your seat; however, she will linger, giving you achance to talk to her. Say: Attendant, STINGLAI KA'ABI. You'll receive a parachute. Go to the rear of the plane, open hatch, and jump out. My Gawd! One strap of your parachute is caught in the plane's hatch. This can be deadly. Chances are you'll soon be falling without a parachute! Knock on the hatch. The attendant will open it, freeing your parachute strap. Falling! Don't forget to pull the rip cord. Hanging from a tree! Yep, you landed in a tree. Get out of the parachute. Splash! You are now in a cooking pot. Okay, the natives are hungry, so give them a good recipe. Boot up your Boysenberry and insert the Recipe Cart.

The natives will give you an unlabelled cartridge and return your lost address book. Don't ask me how they got it. You are now in the Antechamber. Not clear how you got here. You'll see a closed locker door in the west wall and an exit to the east. Examine the locker door and read the sign. The left handle is pointing up. The middle handle is pointing down. The right handle is pointing up. It's a key of sorts. A general knowledge of binary helps. Okay, here's a solution:


1. Turn left handle and middle handle. You hear a click inside the door.


2. Turn left handle and right handle. You hear a click inside the door.


3. Turn left handle and middle handle. You hear a sharp click, as if something inside the door had moved. Open door.


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