Komplettlösung Bureaucracy

Enter the locker and take the magnetic key-card. Then go east. You're in the Switchgear Rooms; it's a maze! Time to use your Boysenberry computer, so insert the unlabelled cartridge. Remember, earlier in this walkthru I advised you to notice the Postal Service stickers and the order in which you found them. Hope you paid attention, because you need that info now. I found the Postalstickers in this order: C, D, E and B. The computer program (unlabelled cartridge) gives you a list of commands: CLEAR, NOOZ, PRINTB, PRINTC, PRINTD, PRINTE. You must select the PRINT commands in the same order that you found the postal stickers. I used PRINTC, PRINTD, PRINTE, and PRINTB because that's the order in which I found the postal stickers.

When you have done this, you should have a complete message on the screen. Can't read it? Oh, I forget to tell you: read from top to bottom one letter at a time. Using these instructions you should be able to find your way through the maze to the Airlock. In the Airlock, put the key-card in the card reader slot. You'll hear a bolt snapping back. Open the door. It will take several tries. Enter the Persecution Complex! The Persecution Complex is a long hall running west. There areTV screens on each side of the hall. Go west looking at the screens on either side as you go. At the end of the hall you'll find a modular plug. Plug in your computer. You'll be asked for ID and password. What? Okay, take a look at your Address Book.

Notice anything different? Right! The first address has been changed. That's the clue you need. Type in RANDOM-Q-HACKER for ID and RAINBOW-TURTLE for password. Connection will be made. Use command DIR for a listing of programs, WHO for a listing of users, and TYP for some interesting tidbits. You'll learn that two hackers have accessed the system. You are one; the nerd is the other. You'll also be advised when the Nerd is about to access another file. The TYP command will enable you to learn of a certain file which should NOT be used with a friendly computer. Hm, what if you changed the name of that file? So, change the name of DVH2.HAK to whatever file the Nerd is preparing to access. Example: Nerd is about to access FIDUC.HAK.

Change name of DVH2.HAK to FICUC.HAK. It might be necessary to first change the name of FIDUC.HAK to something else, but you'll have plenty of time to do that. By doing this, you will cause the Nerd to access a file which will destroy his own mainframe. Revenge is sweet! Once you have done this, an opening to the west will appear. It is IMPORTANT to run the PLANE.EXE program at some Press <CR for more time before you reap your revenge. This will cause a plane to be sent to get you. Wait patiently at the Landing Strip. The plane you summoned while using the PLANE.EXE program will eventually arrive. You'll be taken on a nice plane trip and a predictable taxi ride, arriving atthe Hallway of the Tenement. From there, go to your home.

You'll find a new letter from Fiduciary apologizing for the problems you've had. Enclosed in the letter you'll find a ticket to Paris, your checkbook and a new Beezer card. Congratulations!

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