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Bakery (Seedy Street)

To get baker's frying pan you need pretty much talking - you need to drive baker crazy and throw a pan at you.


Strip Joint (also S.S.)

Pick up chalk and matches. Talk with firemen - you can get a pool cue after they drop it.


Manhole (S.S.)

Use a fish from Royston to open the manhole and use peg from docks to get inside the manhole. Once inside the only thing you can do is pick up a traffic cone and bring it to Royston.



Talk with girl - she will ask for a candy to trade for her balloon (for candy see the Plugs! shop). Use chalk from strip joint on weight of the weight-lifter - after this pick up a bird and use it with cuckoo clock. Also pick up weight - it appears to be a bowling ball.

Talk with Royston. You need a fish and a pipe from him. He will trade a fish for your raincoat, but since you need a raincoat for another place you better go see Royston after you are done with raincoat. Otherwise you will have to trade raincoat back for an orange ni object (this one is from Dr7 at the mall, I guess). But you need fish in order to get a traffic cone from manhole and exchange it for pipe with Royston.



To get inside use fire axe with closed doors. Then search carefully for a spot called nail - its very hard to miss and is located where the closed doors were.

Inside, use glue (you get glue by solving eye's riddle at the Information booth). Pick up skate (not the one in glue, but one still on curator's leg). Pick up hula girl outfits here.



You can open a box and get an appointment card for dentist. Also use pool cue with shirt and then pick up shirt and a fallen peg.


Information Booth (Mall)

Talk with eye. Ask for his help. After eye tells you the riddle try to guess. You fail to find the answer. To solve it visit professor and talk with him. Then leave and visit + talk with him again. Finally return to eye and talk with him. You will solve the riddle and get a glue.


Plugs! Shop (M)

Use washer to buy a candy for a girl in the park. Look at ear plugs. Talk with Sparky - you need to trick him to look behind the counter for something, when he does quickly grab ear plugs.


Music Shop (M)

Inside, use ear plugs and go and talk with Dr7. Finally he will give you a box of junk with an orange ni object and fans's base. Use tail rotor with fan's base to get a wind machine. After that this shop is useless for your quest.


Dentist's (M)

To get inside just give an appointment card from docks to Violet. Inside, persuade the hen to join you and grab her.


Spy Store (M)

Inside, talk with spy, use raincoat and grab gloves.


Finally use pool cue with skate and with shirt to get a sailboard. Return to professor and give him all the stuff. Check his list to see what you have given him and what you haven't. After you give him everything the outro begins.

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