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Most missions can be done in any order; however, ALL missions should be completed before going to Jupiter as you will not be able to come back after the game ends to complete them. A player character should have the following skills at the highest possible level for they are critical for certain missions:

Computer Programming

Library Search

Fast Talk


The following skills are needed for certain missions, but level 25 or above seems to be sufficient:

Pilot Fixed-Wing

Life Suspension

Official History


There are two objectives in the opening scenario. The first is to rescue Lord Berkeley from an assassination attempt. The attempt will not happen until youarrive at the coronation room. The first priority is to get Lord Berkeley out of the line of fire. The second objective is to find out about Dr. Romney and attempt to rescue him. Chancellor de Sade is not to be trusted.


Ceres Base

This mission is basically a training mission for people who started with a new team. Kill the guards in the room at the west end of the corridor and use their uniforms as disguises. You can now explore freely. Locate the laser and the crystal at the northwest corner of the maze. Use the crystal on the laser and use the laser to blast the RAM warship. Use the demolitions you found in the armory on the laser and get out of the base fast!



The only mission is the Lowlander village at the southeast portion of the map. Planetary survival is useful here. Searching the village only provide hints as to what to expect in the mines. The only critical task is finding the entrance to the mine. The mine scenario requires that your group be captured and stripped of all weapons and armor. You must rescue Llorok with your bare hands before the Venusians become friendly. Once Llorok is rescued you get back all your equipment and can go to the labs for the next step. Leander is the scientist you are looking for and the control to turn off the gravity field is due east as he tells you, but prepare for a fight.

Once Leander is freed, you must clear the lab of Purge invaders. This includes both the ground level and the underground level. Find and fight all the fixed encounters. Once that is done, Mercurians will invade the lab. You do not have to clear the lab of them, but the XPs are useful. All you have to do is escape but there will be several battles along the way.



There are several missions in this area. Some cannot be done until another event triggers the mission, but all the missions are listed here.



The Warrens are located in the northeast corner of the sprawls. Chade is not here, but to find where he has gone you need to end the gang wars and install Loa-Loa as the leader.

This mission is fairly simple. Explore everywhere, help Loa-Loa (but don't let the other gangs know of your support for her), and you will eventually find clues to the whereabouts of Chade. Isha is a RAM agent so do not believe what she tells you. There will be several opportunities to kill her and all involve a big battle. There is MAJOR loot in this mission.


Krun Station

This is a simple optional mission. The station is located on the edge of the sprawls due east of the spaceport.


Stolen Wallet

This is an optional mission. It will occur somewhere on the northern edge of the sprawls as the team explores it.


Ratwurst Den

This is another optional mission that will occur as the team explores the sprawls. It is located somewhere near the building northwest of the spaceport.


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