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Historic Museum

Chade is here but you cannot find this place until you complete the Warrensmission. Explore the museum and note what rooms contain what exhibits. You will need to find those rooms again once you find Chade. Chade is located in the north end of the museum and will test your characters by leading them around to various rooms. When Chade is killed you will discover he is really the daughter and Chade was actually a robot. Go through the secret door at the back of the room where you found Chade to rescue the real Chade. The computer exhibit contains the clue as to which steps to step on to get past the mines.

The real Chade is hidden in the east end but you must first find her room in the west end and get the papers hidden in the bed. There will be one big final battle before you can leave the museum.


Tower Isle

When you reach Carrin's apartment on the 54th floor you will be directed to the 13th floor. This is a trap and also optional. Carrin is actually on the 85th floor. All the other floors contain nothing of interest.


Purge HQ

This is a straightforward mission. It does not matter which entrance you use. You will trigger the alarm early on from either entrance. Explore every room and fight all the fixed battles. You'll finally get to rescue Dr. Romney here. He's on the first floor.

On the second floor at the south end of the maze is the final battle. This is a tough two-part battle. This is also one of the missions where Library Search and Computer Programming skills are critical and must be at the highest level. Go through the computer menus and activate the virus program to kill off the Sooth program. You will not be able to retrieve any data until that happens. Dr. Romney will automatically rejoin your party when you leave afterwards. By the way, there is nothing special about the bolt guns the Purge scientists are testing, but there is one nice Lunarian weapon IF someone has a good Repair Weapon skill.



This mission has two parts and segues into the next mission, so do not do the second part without training and resupplying the party. Go to the data bank and do Library Search until you find the information needed to properly search the malefactors places; otherwise, you will not find the incriminating data that you are looking for. A high Library Search skill is needed. Once the criminals have been caught, you can enter the Tsai Weapons labs. Do not attack the Lunarian police! The Tsai labs mission is fairly simple: locate the launch bay and stop the Purge leader from escaping. There are two things the team should do before the final battle.

In the southwest corner are the parts needed to repair the hummer. Just north of that room is the broken hummer. Having this item will make the optional battles with the caniferns much easier. You do not want to waste ammo fighting these monsters. In the southeast corner are controls to kill all the carniferns and the controls to hinder the Purge leader's escape. This will make the final battle easier. The space dock is due north of the controls. The final battle there is also a two-part battle. Upon completion, you will be escorted immediately off Luna and then forced to abandon ship. You will be picked up by Killer Kane. Accept his offer. NEO will give it to you anyway and Kane's help makes it easier.


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