Komplettlösung Buck Rogers 2

Ram Deimos Base / Prison

This mission is complicated only in that only one route through the several mazes of the base will get you to the right place. Use the shaft to get out of the prison maze. Then, use the elevators to get to primary recreation level. Use the shaft at the northeast corner of that level to get to the Weapons level. Get the key from the sleeping officer. The weapons room is in the southeast corner and the bomb goes in one corner of the room. A very high Fast Talk is needed on the Weapons level. You will be captured immediately after planting the bomb and sent to prison. First, you have to get out of the cell. Buck Rogers will suggest a method once you have wandered around long enough.

The method is to climb up. Have the best fighter make the climb. Climb skill is not needed but reduces the number of attempts needed to succeed; however, the solo battle at the top requires a good fighter to win. On the next level the exit is in the northeast corner, but you will need to recruit a prison gang to help you escape. All encounters here are random. Wander around and avoid all fights until you can recruit a Desert Runner gang. There are other gangs but the Desert Runners give you the best chance to fight the two battles needed to escape to the next level. First, you have to kill the sentry robot with your bare hands. Then, you have to defeat the guards on the next level, also with your bare hands.

The first step after defeating the guards is to locate your weapons. They are in a nearby room due south of where you entered this level. (NOTE: There is atime limit, so go there quickly!) Next, you need to rescue the Stormrider in the western half of the maze. Then, you need to disable the security computer at the south end of the maze. A VERY high Computer Programming skill is needed to rescue Scot.dos. If you fail the game goes on but it is nice to succeed. Given the way the characters are now transferred to the next game, your success or failure probably will carry over to the next game. You can ignore the reference to a RAM spy inside the NEO base. Just finding the reference is sufficient. You do not have to search further but should concentrate on saving Scot.dos. There will be a tough final battle before you can leave.


Neo Base

This mission involves a lot of running back and forth. First search the level you entered on for a strange device. Take it up to the administrator but explore the base as you head for the administration level. You will not be able to go everywhere but note the barred places. You will be able to enter them eventually and speed will sometimes be of the essence. After showing thedevice to the administrator you will be sent to the research director who will send you to Dr. Hampshire. Now, go to Zachary Cebert's room. There will be a battle. Check the men's room on the same floor afterwards.

Fast Talk and the password will make one of the battles later on easier. Now, report back to the administrator. This will trigger the RAM attack. The battle for the station consists of several battles and escorting NEO civilians from the dance hall to air lock 1. Where to go will be obvious.


Living Ship

The living ship has been taken over by pirates. You can clear the pirates or negotiate peace between them and the Stormriders. Peace is preferred. Fast Talk is needed here. You will need to repair the ship as well. Treat Stun is needed at a high level to do this. You will not fully succeed but should be able to repair enough of the damage to safely complete the trip.

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Buck Rogers 2
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