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(Important: You will need a stunner to complete this mission. Fortunately, you will be given one just before it's needed.) Check out the cargo holds. Random loot can be found in them; otherwise, the mission is simply a matter of exploring every room. You get one chance to repair the autodoc, and it is worthwhile to redo that action if you fail the first time.


Stormrider Base

Your mission is to fight off a Foundation attack. The attack is triggered by your visit to Dr. Makali. It is a good idea to resupply at the student store in the northwest corner of the base before visiting the doctor. The labs are in the southwest corner.

Once the attack starts, you will be directed to the various areas under attack. The last attack will be in Dr. Makali's lab.


Genetic Foundation

You will be captured immediately upon arrival but will also escape immediately. The first order of business is to recover your equipment. It's stored one level down from the level where you are held. Use the secret chute through the kitchen area. On the level where you are held is the security robot control room. Avoid that room until you have regained your weapons. You cannot win the fight without your weapons; however, it should be the first place your party visits once they recovers their weapons.

You then need to shut down the main and secondary general security controls. The main controls are two levels down from where the party was imprisoned. The entrance to the secondary controls is locate on the level where your weapons were located; these cannot be deactivated until you shut down the main security room. Now you can move more or less freely throughout the base. Locate the grubs and revive them. If Life Suspension fails, there is Life Suspension revival equipment on the bottom-most level that can revive the grubs. Put the revived grubs in the incubators and your mission is complete. You can now leave the base.


Mining Rig

This is the final mission. Basically, it is a series of battles culminating in a three-part final battle. Explore the rig and locate the catch nets and the autodoc. After each RAM attack, there should be random loot in the nets. That's your only supply of ammo during this mission. You will be told when an attack occurs. Meet the first attack on the landing area and hunt down stragglers in the rest of the ship. You will be told when all attackers have been killed. Report to the rigmaster and Dr. Makali between attacks. There are two breaks from the attacks. The first is to look for bombs. They will be found in the power pods.

Failure to disarm or find the bombs actually shortens the mission. The second is to try to drive the living ship away. Failure here will leangthen the mission. Jetpack and Pilot Fix Wing Aircraft skills are needed here. After the final battle, Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering will arrive and the game ends rather abruptly. To prepare for the next game, you should UNREADY all items and save before meeting Rogers and Deering.


Secret History

The coordinates are usually for the door leading to the room except for a few cases where being in exactly the right spot is neeccessary. Sometimes the door is just the entrance to a series of rooms that eventually lead to the right place. The level your characters first enter the maze is level 0. Higher levels are 1, 2, etc. Lower levels are -1, -2, etc.


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