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Your first meet Dr. Romney at 4,2. The coronation room is at 3,13.


Ceres Base

The armory is at 13,6. The laser control is at 5,5. The laser is at 5,2. Needed information is at 4,10.



The mine entrance is at the building at 11,5. The party will be captured at 10,3. Llorak can be rescued at 13,1. The control to turn off the gravity field is at 12,3. The elevator to the lower level is at 14,12. You need to find the Venusian scientists at 0,3 to finish the lab mission after killing the Purge invaders.



Loa-Loa is located at 4,4. You will eventually have to rescue her at 3,0. Isha is located at 13,0. At 4,8 is key information as to who actually has Chade. A

t 7,12 you will eventually find Gargoyle. If you cannot get the key to rescue Chade, take him back to Loa-Loa at 4,4. At 15,15 is the entrance to Chade's prison. He has escaped but left behind a gadget you need to locate him.


Historic Museum

Chade is at 8,6. The daughter is at 2,6. Once you discover who the real Chade is, the papers are at 0,1 and the real Chade is hiding at 13,2.


Purge HQ

Romney is in the prison at 0,2. The elevator to the next floor is at 0,1. The lunarian weapon is at 10,5. The final battle is triggered at 11,5. You have to finish off the Sooth program at 12,15.



The hummer repair parts are at 2,13. The hummer is at 2,9. The controls to kill the carniferns and close the space dock doors are at 11,10. The space dock is at 12,8.


Ram Deimos Base / Prison

Use the shaft at 11,4, then the elevator at 4,4. Go to the shaft at 9,0. The sleeping officer is at 9,8. The control room is at 11,11. The escape from the lower prison level is at 14,0. In the upper level the party's equipment is at 15,7. The Stormrider is at 2,10. The security computers are at 7,13. The final battle is at 9,14.


Neo Base

The strange device is at 9,1. The password for the RAM spy is Elroy. Zacharycan be caught at 2,5.


Living Ship

You start out at 6,3. Exit at 9,10. This takes you to 8,10 of level 1. The exit at 5,0 leads to level 2 and the crews' quarters. The exit at 12,9 leads to the propulsion area. In the crews' quarters the exit at 3,8 leads to the bridge. Explore each level before leaving.


Stormrider Base

Dr. Makali is at 7,3. The student store is at 4,2.


Genetic Foundation

The kitchen is at 11,11. The robot controls are at 8,10. The party's equipment is at 12,6. The main security room is at 6,9. The entrance to the secondary security controls is at 8,0. The grubs are at 1,5 and revival equipment is at 6,7. The incubators are at 11,0. You exit the base at the lowest level using the central elevators.


Mining Rig

The autodoc is at 10,9. The rigmaster is at 15,7. Dr. Makali can be found at 9,8. The catch nets are at 0,7.

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Buck Rogers 2

Buck Rogers 2
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