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In the old Russia there was communism, queues, the Kremlin, the KGB, the Cold War and . . . more queues! In the new Russia, things have changed somewhat. Now there is capitalism, KGB TV, McRomanov's Burgers and the Super Marx brothers! In an attempt to make sense of this new Russia, you take charge of Doug, Dino and Donna, solving problems, dodging captors and gettinginto all sorts of crazy capers. After the end of the communist regime, the Kremlin Palace - once the seat of Soviet power - was transformed into a museum.

In here are kept the most important relics of Russian history, including Tsar Ivan the Horrible's famous crown. As you join the game, Doug, our hero, is casing the joint getting ready to steal the prized crown of the Tsar which is encrusted with diamonds, pearls and open cheques! Other important historical items live within these halloed walls. Leo Tallstory's typewriter which he used to write his most famous novel - War and Pacemaker . Strabinsky's piano on which he composed the score The Firepig is also on display, but the pick of the bunch is the focus of Doug's attention as well as the large security presence.

Part One

Hotel Room

Back in the hotel, Doug examines the photos taken at the museum on the grand tour, ready to hatch a fiendish plot to steal the famous Tsar's crown. Using your inventory, open the envelope to discover the photographs from the museum. They have been developed as follows:

Picture 1: The crown picture shows the locations of the scanners.

Picture 2: Museum security at front door.

Picture 3: Museum roof and trapdoor.

Picture 4: Same gallery, but including one of the cameras.

Picture 5: Miss Glasnost 1993 at a fashion show in Red Square.

Now examine each one of the photographs closely and go over to your suitcase. Pick up the suitcase using your inventory options and examine the contents. Here you will find a tape recorder and a tape measure for use later in the game. Now move over to the desk with the TV set on it and pick up the camera and then the remote control, using it to turn on the TV. You will now be watching the end of the Matrioska Show. The show's presenter, Stroganoff, will then tell you how to enter the show. He puts up an open invite to meet him at The Russian Doll Show. To play, you need only send the ticket from New Pravda, the local TV guide. Before moving out of your room and into the foyer, pick up the TV aerial and add it to your inventory. Now exit to the hotel foyer.

The Foyer

In the hotel foyer pick up and take the rope on the wall next to the entrance to your room. Now go over to the Porter and give him your key before moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen to find the way way out. Once outside go to the Newsagents. Look at and buy all the magazines. On examination, you will find the Encyclopedia of Opera has a free cassette, the New Pravda has your free ticket and the Capital has a stamp. Buy all these magazines by firstly talking to the Newsagent. If you run out of cash, put the TV aerial on the scales to the left of the stand and receive a further four rouble dollars.

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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