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Combine the record and the filings, breaking the record into little bits. Next, select the key and use it to open the cabinet on the right hand side of the study. Pick up the jar of bat wings and take the books on the table and shelves. Read them and then pick up the pen on the desk. One of the books will tell you how to create electrostatic and the other book will be the doctor's diary, with an entry about the Book Of The Dead. There are also strange spells written down and then the diary goes on to describe an experiment that succeeded in bringing back a subject from the dead! Go over to the desk beside the ashtray made out of a skull. Put the bat wings, fruit and feather in it.

Something forms in the ashtray - could this be beginner's luck finding a potion to bring the dead back to life? Use the fountain pen in the ashtray to stir the mixture. Head back into the lounge and make your way back upstairs to the room where you were held captive. Go into the attic, use the plaster on the floor to make a circle in which Intel Outside appears! Now combine the fountain pen and the bird and the colour of it's eyes changes. Put the bird inside the circle and use the broken record on the gramophone player. A strange power comes from the gramophone and enters the dead bird, bringing it to life! Go into the bedroom and the magpie follows you. Make your way outside the room and along to the doctor's bedroom which is situated next door.

At this point talk to the bird and he will fly into the bedroom, past the sleeping doctor to get a set of keys. Return to your bedroom and use the keys on the window to open it, then throw the plant pot out. This lands on the guard's head and knocks him out. Donna can now simply walk down the stairs, open the front door using the key and escape from the villa. Donna will unfortunately be captured by a second guard at the door - oh no! not again! The action now shifts to the doctor's study where he is talking to his assistant, Igor. He will ask Igor to get some bat wings and he will go off to look for some and catch one hovering around the villa. Could it be our Doug?

Meanwhile, in the basement, Doctor Virago is about to carry out his fiendish plot. A lifeless figure is chained up to the strange device. It's none other than Lenin, the Grandfather of Communism! What terrible fate awaits poor Donna? Well for a start, the doctor is insisting that Donna takes her clothes off! Once Donna is in position, the doctor can now reach for the bat that Igor captured. As he does this, it turns into Doug, but what can our hero do? Well, not a lot as Doug lunges to the machine to save Donna he activates it and Lenin is reborn! Don't worry, though. The old Commie has a change of heart and immediately signs a contract to become the new presenter of The Russian Doll Show on KGB TV.

Capitalism isn't that bad when you have money to burn - after all, it's what makes the world go round! But what of our three heroes, Doug, Donna and Dino? Well, all's well that ends well as they are now safely on their way to a new adventure in a warmer place!

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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