Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

Examine the free ticket to find you will have to answer three questions to qualify:

1. How many R's are there on the label of Dostoyevsky Caviar, the Muscovite's favourite?

2. What is the height, in cans of Vodkacola, of the statue of Karl Marx which stands in Red Square?

3. What is the weight of the Great Bear, the bear meat hamburger produced by the Burger Tsar Fast Food Chain?

To answer these questions, read on!

Red Square

To the right outside the Hotel is the way to the gum store in Red Square. The queue is huge so point to the right of the bae of the statue and click when another caption comes up. This takes you across to the burger joint McRomanov. Once there, go to the bottom right corner to examine the old red car and find a broken camera. Take the broken camera and examine it to find a brand new film and then walk over to the burger bar. Buy a vodkacola and then a sandwich. When asked Maxi or Gigantic, go for Gigantic, then go for the great bear burger. Don't eat your burger and don't drink your cola, just take the salt and the bread from the counter before walking back over to Red Square.

Head straight to the first man in the queue for the gum store. You will talk to a large bearded man, who tells you that the queue is for razor blades which have only just come back into stock after months. Finish the conversation and go to the Japanese tourist, standing in the middle of the square. Talk to the tourist and give him your camera so he can take a picture of you with the statue in the background. Repeat this operation a few times before the picture is correct, so after taking each photo examine it. After the third duff picture your film runs out. Ask to borrow one from the tourist, before selecting the spare film until you manage to reload it.

The fourth photo is correct, showing Doug beside the statue about half it's size. This will help to work out how high the statue is in cans of Vodkacola. Examine the photo then measure the can of cola with the tape measure that you found in the case. To do this, select the can and keep doing so until Doug works out what to do. The can is 12 cm tall, Doug is 168 cm tall and the statue is twice his height, so the statue is the height of 28 cans of Vodkacola. This answers Question 2 on the free ticket. In order to answer Question 3, go back to the scales to the left of the Newsagents. On arrival, weigh yourself and then eat the burger and weigh yourself again. The difference gives you the weight of the burger. You will find that Doug has put on seven pounds, so the weight of the burger is seven pounds.

The Park

Go to your hotel room again and pick up your computer before heading to the park. In the centre of the park is a small boy sitting on a park bench playing a hand-held console. Go up to him and swap your laptop PC for his cheap console. This may sound like a crazy idea, but this is a crazy game and the cartridge that you find in the console will come in very handy. Go further into the park and wait around until you see a street peddler. Talk to him and he tries to sell you a watch, before turning and walking away. Remember where you see him for future reference before heading for the Rail Station, found on the road behind the Newsagents.

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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