Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

When you arrive at the Station go in and select the cartridge from the console and use it on the cash machine to the left. This overrides the system and gives you 100 Rouble dollars. You will come back to the station later in the game, but for now head back to the park after noticing the KGB TV building is next to the station. En route to the park, stop off and talk to the man at the front of the queue again. Doug will ask him to buy a tin of Dostoyevsky's Caviar in return for a roll of toilet paper.

Now go back to the park and purchase the toilet roll from the peddler. This will cost you the 100 Rouble dollars you got from the cash machine. Once you have the loo roll head back to the queue to swap it for the tin of caviar. Now examine the tin to find the answer to the final question on the free ticket. There aren't any R's on the label! Now that you know all three answers, go straight back to the hotel foyer.

The Show

Once you arrive back at the hotel lobby, go up to the Porter and ask to borrow a pen to fill in the ticket. Select the ticket to fill it in and then put the ticket in the envelope in your inventory, using the pen to fill out the address. Next, select the stamp from your inventory in order to post the ticket correctly. Leave the hotel and go to the KGB Studios located next to the Rail Station. When you get there, post the letter. Now rush back to the hotel and ask the Porter if there's any mail for you. The Porter will now hand you your reply from the Studio. Open the reply and discover an invite to The Russian Doll show and the tickets.

Don't waste time, get over to the KGB Studios and hand in the ticket to the receptionist. She gives you a badge and directs you to Studio 5 for the show. When you arrive you will be put straight on air. There are three questions about thieves to answer and, if you get them correct, you go on to answer the big question and win an air balloon. Don't worry if you get the questions wrong, you simply take a different route for the rest of Part One. Both are explained here.

If You Win The Quiz

Go back to the hotel room and enter the toilet after collecting your prize and adding the studio lights to your inventory. This leads to a new scene high above the city in your air balloon. Fly to the museum and land on the roof. Once inside the museum, go to the Crown Room and switch on the lights near the crown. This blocks out the photo cells stopping the alarm going off. Now go into the next room and combine the cassette with the recorder and use it. This will blast out the wonderful sounds of opera, breaking the glass cases in the process. Now pick up the ring and computer and go into the Crown Room.

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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