Part Two: Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

Select the diamond ring and use it on the crown case to cut a hole in the glass. The crown is now ready to be snatched but, unfortunately, not by you as another thief suddenly appears and snatches the crown from under your nose. You end up in your hotel room again, with your picture in every newspaper in Moscow. You have to get the hell out of here, but how? Firstly, go to the Newsagents and buy a copy of Consolphobia magazine. Examine it and find that the password for the Trotsky's mainframe computer is the name of the tenor who sings with Donna Catale at the Bolshoi. Leave the hotel and head down to the Burger place where you meet some dodgy friends, Alex and Kos. They tell you that they have a plan to break into the Trotsky Software mainframe and that they want you to do it.

In return they will give you a passport so you can leave Moscow before you're arrested. They go on to tell you that the mainframe computer is on the Worldwide Communication Network and that their E-Mail address is Lenin.Komm. Head back to your hotel room and combinr the TV remote control with the tape recorder and then attach that to the ZX81. All you have to do is find the mode number for the WWC Network. To do this, go to the KGB Studios and examine the reception desk to find a scrap of paper. Look at that piece of paper to gain the Internet number for the WWC Network, which is KGB.NET 007 6 1 0. Now you can use it on the telephone in your hotel room to get the tape recording for Alex and Kos.

Take the tape to Alex and Kos to get your passport and then head swiftly to the station and show your passport to the guard in order to board the Orient Express and get the hell out of there!

If You Lose The Quiz

You win a consolation prize of a keyring and then you're left in the Studio. Pick up the studio lights and use the keyring on the doll's head in order to enter a secret passage leading to the Museum. Once inside the Museum, go to the Crown Room and switch on the lights near the crown. This stops the alarm. Now go into the next room and combine the cassette and the recorder and then use it. From this point on, follow the procedures laid out in the If You Win solution.

Part Two

(There are TWO methods of going about Part Two)

Method One

You are now in control of the movements of one Dino Fagoli, an ex-boxer of Italian origin who is a bit short on brain cells to say the least! You start off on a wharf of a small town, but what do you do? Firstly, leave the wharf and head for the drugstore, opposite the circus in Circus Square. Go over to the shelves and purchase a can of beans and then eat them. This will make Dino feel lively so go into the Circus and enter the weightlifting competition. Do this by walking straight into the tent and getting stooped by the Ringmaster. Ask him who he thinks he is and he will announce that We have a volunteer to challenge Big Ursus in Weightlifting .

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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