Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

Dino will then go inside the tent and lift the same weight as the champion to win 100 Rouble dollars! Now go to the drugstore and purchase a casket of rum and the headache pills. Head back to the wharf and enter the Inn. Pick up the tankard and give it to the Landlord and he will fill it with water. Leave the Inn and go back to Circus Square and enter Zelda's cabin. Talk to her about your future. Madam Zelda will tell you that she visualises a land scorched by the sun, a man on a horse and hidden treasure. She will go on to see two strangers named Alex and Kos, telling you your future depends on them! Zelda will now leave the room, so take the opportunity to talk to the parrot on the perch who will ask you for some sunflower seeds.

Then exit. Head back to the wharf, combine the headache pills with the jug of water and give the mixture to the drunk. Now talk to the drunk and ask him about his box. It will turn out to contain sunflower seeds and the drunk is willing to swap his box for a cask of rum. Swap the rum for the box and then pick up the box and open it. It's full of seeds. Go back to Zelda's cabin and give the seeds to the parrot. The parrot will then have an argument with his female partner and quickly leave her to go with you, saying married life didn't suit him. Before leaving, pick up the skull and the potion. Head back to the Inn and show the parrot to the old sea dog sitting near the door. The old dog turns out to be a captain who was the original owner of the parrot.

The captain asks how he can repay you so ask him about the route of the oil tanker Potemkin and when it is next due to dock here. The captain will tell you but don't rush him; take time out to listen to his old tales of a life on the high seas. He will then tell you the ship is heading for Stokafisburg, about 60 miles from the Inn. You find out that there is a ship going to Stokafisburg named the Santa Rosalia and that the captain is a good friend of the old sea dog named Vito Corallo. However, the Santa Rosalia will be unable to reach the next port for about a week, which is far too long for you so you'll have to find an alternative route. Walk over to the innkeeper and ask him how to get to Stokasfisburg.

He will tell you to go on the Orient Express line at Zerograd, a small town just up the road. Leave the Inn and proceed to the crossroads, which are beyond the circus. At the crossroads, go straight on towards the woods and enter them. Head for the dark wood and turn into the channel that leads into the distance. You will now arrive at a sign with a wasps nest to the left of it. Select your lollipop and show it to the nest of wasps. They will then chase you to a nearby cave. When you arrive at the cave, throw the lollipop inside so that the wasps fly in after it. This will then get rid of the pair of wolves inside, allowing you to go safely into the cave yourself.

The cave will lead to another part of the woods, so you can continue onward until you reach the town of Zerograd. You will arrive at the train station in the centre of town. Firstly, pick up the poster on the wall and then go into the luggage office and show the poster to the ape. This will make the ape throw a banana at you. Pick up the banana and then talk to Miss Molatova's bodyguard back on the platform. He will be extremely rude, so eat the banana allowing the skin to drop to the floor and then talk to Miss Molatova. The bodyguard will then try to hit you but he will slip on the banana skin. The bodyguard breaks his leg, leaving a vacancy which you step into by talking to Miss Molatova. She will ask you to escort her to Venice and you will now be able to get on board the train.

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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