Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

Journey On The Orient Express

Donna and RJ arrive at the station with a large box described by RJ as a souvenir from the Kremlin he paid a mere one million Rouble dollars for. Now, our three heroes, Doug, Dino and Donna, are all on board the Orient Express. RJ and Donna are in a huge compartment with a large four-poster bed, but let Donna leave the room and head for the bar. When you arrive at the bar, go up to Alex and Kos and talk to them. Alex and Kos are old friends of Donna who, before she became famous, had starred in a few risque films for the boys in the past. The boys proceed to blackmail poor Donna unless she does a spot of acting for them in their latest venture to steal the plans for a new microprocessor.

The woman who has the plans is none other than Miss Molatova, who is currently being protected by Dino. Donna agrees to get the microfilm containing the plans in exchange for the strange but arty pictures of herself that the boys just happen to have. Now leave the bar and head for room number 3, Doug's room. Doug and Donna have also met before and Donna enlists Doug's help to get the microfilm and, for his help, Doug will collect a smacking big kiss from the busty Donna! You now take control of Doug, so go to room 10, knock on the door and find that Doug knows Dino from a past experience too! Doug will then find out that Dino is with Miss Molatova and, knowing how thick Dino is, Doug tells him that he needs his help to organise a surprise party for Miss Molatova.

Doug will then go on to tell Dino that he needs a photo of Miss Molatova for the present so there must be an old negative lying around somewhere in the compartment. Now take control of Dino and go in search of the microfilm after going to the bar and buying a cup of coffee for Miss Molatova. When inside the cabin, start to talk to Miss Molatova. She will ask for her coffee and Dino will give it to her, all over her coat! The fool has spilt the coffee all over her. When she goes into the bathroom, leave the room and instantly walk back in. Now is your chance to find the microfilm as, by now, Miss Molatova will have finished in the bathroom and gone to the bar. Enter the bathroom, pick up the ring and now go to the bedroom and pick up the bottle.

Give these two items to Doug who is waiting outside and, as Doug, return to your own room to meet Donna, giving her the items. Now, as Donna, take a close look at the ring and find the microfilm and then examine the bottle to find it contains sleeping pills. Now leave the room and go to the bar to give the microfilm to Alex and Kos in return for the naughty pictures and the negatives. Now go back to see Doug. Now take control of Doug and go to the bar. When you get there, look at the man at the bar and recognise him as the thief who took the crown from under your nose in Part One! Go back and see Donna and tell her about it. Donna agrees to try and sweet talk the thief into letting her into his room so that she can search for the missing crown.

Take Donna to the bar and talk to the thief, letting Donna's natural aura take control of the situation. The thief is gagging for it! Donna will convince the thief, after hours of hard negotiation, to take her back to his compartment to look at his etchings. Once Donna gets back to the room, put the sleeping pills in the champagne and the thief will soon fall fast asleep. Once the thief is out of it, open the wardrobe and examine the shirt to find the number 653 written in the shirt cuff. Now pick up the blanket and go back to tell Doug what you found and give him the blanket. Revert back to Doug and go down the corridor and talk to the ticket inspector, who will ask for a cigarette. Go to the bar and ask Alex and Kos for a cigarete.

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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