Part Four: Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

They will tell you that they have some special cigars for sale at 100 Rouble dollars each. Now go back to see Donna and ask her if she has 100 Rouble dollars. She will tell you that she will ask RJ for it. Revert to Donna and go to your compartment, number 6. Donna will actually ask RJ for 10.000 Rouble dollars, which she will get. Now direct her back to Doug's room. Take charge of Doug again and go back to the bar to purchase a cigar. Now take this to the ticket inspector and he will ask you for a light. Doug will now have to go all the way back to the bar to get a light off the soccer fan, sitting beyond Alex and Kos at the back of the carriage. Now go back through the train to the ticket inspector and light his cigarette.

He will get really stoned, so take the opportunity to pick up his keys. Once you have the keys, make your way back to the bar and go through the back door of the train, past the soccer fan, and climb onto the train roof. Walk right along the storage car and select the sheet. You can now let yourself down on the sheet. When you are holding it, select the keys and let yourself in. Once inside, select the OPEN icon and click on the trunk. You can now use the set of numbers that Donna found (653) as a combination to open the trunk and grab the crown!

Part Four

The Search For Donna

Just when you thought it was all over and you had the crown, the train gets held up by a group of Russian radicals working for Doctor Virago, who have stopped the train to steal the coffin that RJ bought from the Kremlin. They have also stopped the train, under orders from the Doctor, to kidnap a young virgin! Donna is taken hostage. Now the boys, Doug and Dino, must rescue the fair maiden. First find the path to the bridge and start to give chase. After tramping for many a mile, you will find the path to the bridge. Follow this bridge over to the village after getting Dino and Doug to clear the boulders from the side and throw them into the water to allow safe passage over the icy river.

Cross the river and head into the village, which is a gloomy place where time seems to have stood still. The villagers appear wary of our strange heroes. Walk through the town and take control of Doug. Pick up the lantern and the icicles hanging from the small blue building spotting that Zelda's caravan is in this village. Go into the caravan and talk to Zelda. She tells you that Donna is in mortal danger so if you want to save her then you must follow Zelda's instructions. She will tell you that the only way to get into the house is by magic but, alas, Zelda has been robbed of her potions. Zelda will then give you a list of things to get for her in order to make up a fresh batch of potions and help you to rescue Donna.

The list is:

Dead Man's Bones

Bat's Wings

Lion's Tooth

Sunflower Seeds

Start off by heading into the graveyard next door and pick up the bottle and the bones. Combine the lantern and the bottle to make a superb whisky and give it to the gravedigger. Now talk to him about Doctor Virago and he will tell you of a madman who lives in a villa in the woods. They say that the madman can raise the dead, which sounds like Doctor Virago all right! Return to the village square and walk to the right of the screen until you come across a wooden shack with a drainpipe on the side. Get Dino to pick up the drainpipe and then change back to Doug.

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