Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

Head into the little square next to the shack and pick up the tarpaulin covering the pile of wood. Now change to Dino again and select your music box and play it to the old man sitting on the side. The old man will say that the music reminds him of his childhood and will fall asleep. Once he's asleep, take the spectacles from his face and then turn your attention to the tower next to the man. Combine the spectacles and the drainpipe making a pair of binoculars then select the icicles and use them on the church tower to make a ladder. Now pick up the stone found at the base of the tower and proceed to climb up the tower. At the belfry select the stone and use it on the bell. This will create a loud tone, waking the bats inside the bell tower.

Capture a bat by getting Dino to use the tarpaulin as a net; this is another item on Zelda's list. While you're up the tower, tell Dino to select the binoculars. He will then be able to see the Doctor's villa in the middle of the woods, North of the village. Climb down the tower and head out into the woods. Once in the woods, herad to the villa and walk around the woods until you come across a squirrel's hole, where you will find the sunflower seeds. Once you find the villa, pick up the lion's tooth (you will have to be pixel-perfect when locating it on the left hand lion's mouth) and head back to Zelda to deliver the goods.

When you arrive back at the caravan, give the items to Zelda in the following order: Sunflower Seeds


Lion's Tooth


Zelda will then exit and make up the potion, returning to tell you not to drink it until you are at the villa gates. Proceed to the villa now and, on arrival, make Doug drink the potion, turning him into a bat. Once inside the villa, take control of Donna once again.

Inside The Villa

Donna is meeting her kidnapper, Doctor Virago. The mad doc has his eye on our Donna as a perfect specimen for his great experiment! Talk to the doctor and he will get upset and slam the door behind him. Now it's time for Donna to help herself in preparation for Doug's arrival. Pick up the perfume bottle and open the pillow so that the stuffing comes out. Now pick up one of the feathers and look at the ceiling. You will notice that there is a trapdoor in the ceiling above the bed. Go through the door to arrive in another room. You will now be in a dusty attic room with many unusual objects scattered around.

Pick up the record, magpie and bottle of chloroform. Combine the chloroform and the perfume bottle and go back down into your room. Now select the perfume bottle with it's new concoction and use it on the guard outside the door. Now walk down the stairs and enter the room containing the bowl of fruit, located under the stairs. Try to pick up the bust on the right and Donna will drop it. Now pick up one of the broken pieces and find that it's made out of plaster. Pick up the bowl of fruit and the vase. Enter the lounge and go into the doctor's study, located over the other side of the passage. Go straight over to the skeleton and look into it's eyes to discover a key. Add it to your inventory. Now look inside the big clock to the left and pick up the iron filings inside.

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Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure
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