Day 9: Komplettlösung Batman Returns

28. Go to the garage and following a cutscene you will now be in the Batskiboat. Press the ESCape key to go to the pause/save game menu. Click on Advance Time until it is midnight (12:00am). Now go to the Penguin's HQ. Click on his desk and take the map.

29. Return to the Batcave and enter the evidence. View the map you stole. Save the game now. Go to Wayne Manor to make it Day 9.

Day 9

30. Day 9 begins with Batman automatically going to the computer and watching the newscast. When the newscast is over, the Penguin will begin his campaign speech. You have until the end of the speech to stop him, so as soon as he appears on screen, go to the video monitor. Click on the Video Recorded in Batmobile option, then select Transmit . The recording will play, then you will see a cutscene showing the Penguin's speech being interrupted.

31. You will now see Bruce Wayne at Shreck's Ball. You will be asked if you want to present the evidence to Commissioner Gordon. Select Yes . If you have collected all the right evidence, Shreck will be arrested. If you don't have enough evidence, he will go free. Either way, you will then see the Penguin crashing the party, then you will be sent back to the Batcave.

32. Go to the vault and take a fresh costume, if needed. Then equip Batman with one standard batarang, and several other weapons, including a bolo batarang, and a sonic batarang (Do not use the regular batarang until the final Arctic World confrontation in step 34). Now is a good time to save the game.

33. Take the Batskiboat downtown. Walk across the beam, then click on the Street button. This will take you to the circus train. Batman must defeat the acrobat to save the kids - use the sonic batarang to make it easy on yourself. (Note: sometimes when you drop down to the street, there is no train or acrobat. You may have taken too long to reach this point. Restore the game you saved in step 32 and try again.)

34. Return to the Batskiboat. You will now see a cutscene of the Penguin releasing his penguin army. When this scene is over, go to the zoo. You will see the Batskiboat crashing into the Duckmobile. Batman will now have to fight two clowns. To defeat the fat clown, use the bolo batarang. To defeat the fire-breather, use the sonic batarang. Do not use the regular batarang! (I'm not sure if the enemies are the same each time) Now the Penguin will show up. Click on the Fierce button. This will make the Penguin fly away. Batman and the Penguin will appear inside Arctic World. Now use the regular batarang to knock the Penguin out. The Penguin will fall into the ice water in a poor imitation of the finale of the movie.

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