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Starting Out

You can choose from five different characters. Each has an advantage in the four statistics (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Power), except the mire lurk, who has even stats across the board. You can modify any character's stats if you want, so you don't have to choose Brice (the big hairy guy) for a strong fighter. But the stats are limited to the amount given and only a modifier like a talisman or a potion will allow you to increase them later. You don't get to increase them permanently later in the game. So choose them well.


The inventory screen has an area that shows what you're carrying. Everything is placed there in a jumble if you right click to add your items to inventory. In order to keep things organized you will come across containers in the game. They come in two forms: Sacks and Chests. I recommend you use sacks to hold rocks and chests to hold other items. There are a lot of places in the game where you will need to weigh down a pressure plate with ten rocks. You won't always have a block figurine to spare. Using a bag full of rocks is a lot easier to deal with because to can pick it back up in a jiffy when you're ready to leave.

Fill each sack with ten big rocks and you will have perfect tools for dealing with those annoying plates. Always test a plate first to see if it can take only one to three rocks, because you don't want to tie up a whole sack of you only needed one rock. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR BAG WHEN YOU LEAVE THE AREA. You will get three bags in the game. One in Gryphon Keep, one in the Dark Lantern, and one in the Sunken Ship. The Chests are great for storing items. You get three of them eventually. I recommend putting all pieces of the quest in one chest, use another for money and temple tokens and a third for magic items like potions and power-ups. That way you will be able to access things without sorting through a big mess. Keys should be left available on the main screen in a neat pile, because you won't be carrying them around long.


These come in many forms. Most are offensive spells, but there are also amulets that enhance your stats and potions that enhance them temporality. There are two potions in the game that enhance your stats permanently. They are the potion of Mortal Enhancement and the Potion of Magical Enhancement. When you take these they raise your maximum health or mana (magic) points permanently. However, the number they give you is random. Always save before drinking one, then restore and try again if the new points are low.

The max for health seems to be 10. I never accept less than an 8. The max mana seems to be 80. I never accept less than 65. The block figurine is one of the most useful items you come across. Using one creates a stone block for weighing down a pressure plate. Use these things sparingly. I will tell you where you need to use them. You should use rocks whenever possible, and save these for the places where a block is really needed.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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