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If you really want to fight the others, go ahead, but you can bypass these levels once you reach the top. You don't need to come back this way. At the fourth floor you will see a pressure plate. Drop a bag of rocks on it and a wall opens up. You will get an Earthen Rot Spell inside a chest there. Now go up to the top and exit the tree. Turn to face the west and the tree spirit will appear. She will give you a wand of healing called the Hallowed Staff of Elder Wood. This thing makes your healing spells a lot more effective when you hold it. Now go back into the tree and take the teleporter to the second floor and head for the Land of Roots. You're ready to finish off the rest of this dungeon.

Okay, let's start from the stairs and work our way back to the entrance. South of the stairs is a rolling rock that keeps entering a teleporter and coming back around. Wait for it to pass then enter the teleporter. It should take you west of it. If not try again, then move out of the way so you don't get clobbered by the rock. Due North West of the stone teleporter is a illusory wall facing a north passage. Enter and go to through the other illusory wall. Be aware that a spinner will trick you and make you face the opposite direction, so watch the map window on the lower corner of your screen. When your direction turns you can back up into the wall, or just turn yourself around again. Heal the root you find hidden away in there.

Now go south the way you came, then west. There will be a door with a teleporter nearby. Enter the teleporter and you will find yourself in the room behind the door. When you're finished you should have a stone claw key. Step on the plate and you will be let out. Go south of there to find the room needing the stone claw key. The place is large and full of fungus men. West of this room is an illusory wall where a big rock rolls in and out. Follow the rock and you will find another root to heal. Back through the stone teleporter until you are back where you started. Head due east, then south down a twisty passage. When it comes to the T crossing, go east. You will enter a room with spikes and a rolling rock.

Navigate around the rock and head north, turn east then go down another long passage, being careful to avoid another rolling rock. At the end are some chests with some useful stuff and another root. Now go slightly north and enter an illusory wall on the east. There is a teleporter inside. Take it. You will find yourself in a room in the North East section of the map. It goes in a circle around a area with no door. There are four pressure plates in this area. One of them will move when you step on it. Weigh this one down with a bag of rocks. Now repeat on plate, using blocks when you run out of bags. Go back to the first bag and pick it up. A door wil open in the wall. Kill the earthbile, raid the chests and heal the root.

After retrieving your bags from the plates, enter the illusory wall and go around the teleporter. You will find another root to heal. Once you're done with it, you can enter the teleporter and make your way back to that T crossing. Go west, young man, but the passage will turn south. Go all the way south till you come to a room with four teleporters in it. The front two blink on and off. Wait for them top blink off then step into the back teleporters. You will find yourself in either a passage with a chest or a hall with a root to heal. Whatever, do your thing then reenter the teleporter and get to the other hall. When you're done, teleport out of there by reentering the 'porters until you are able to leave the room.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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